From the bus stop across the street, it was toug to tell, but suddenly I understood, seeing the passengers in the van that picked her up every morning, that she was slightly retarded. "

A precocious teenager in a French suburb finds himself powerfully, troublingly drawn to the woman he sees every day on the ay to colleg. As he watches and thinks about her, his daydreams -- full of lyrics from Joy Division and the Smiths, fairy tales, Flowers for Algernon, sexual esire and disgust, paranoia, rage for escape, impatience to grow up -- reveal an entire adolescence. And this fleeting erotic obsession, remembered years later, blossoms into a meditation on what it means to be a smart kid, what it means to be stupi, and what it means to be in love with another person.

03 is a memoi about young love like none you have ever read. It marks the English-language debut of a unique French writer -- one of the great stylists of his generation.
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Published June 22nd 2010 by Farrar Strauss & Giroux-3pl
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gave it

Just bad parts.

gave it

I initially picked this up while, for the dozenth time, making fun of my classmate for his ollection of what I like to refer to as " Tommy 's Goth Girl Books " ( many of which were given to him by actual, real life goth girls!).

Amongst The Necronomicon stuff and the LaVeys and the art books about images of Satan throughout history, I spotted this sticking out all sore thumb style saying " Are n't I juz so kewt u could eat me allup? " Considering that it 's so leetle, I had originally only intended to quickly read it in order to mock Andy for having it, given that if there 's one trait on this earth which inspires homicidal rage in him, it 's twee.

He has elaborate fantasies involving a sexually platonic yet spiritually romantic relationship with this irl, a romance forever on repeat because to his senses, every moment for her, no matter how actually redundant, is like a whole new experience.

So, music: The Eternal by Joy Division: The lyrics to this song are used to illustrate the tragic isolation, almost like living with locked-in syndrome, that the narrator sees in his ladylove, and finds reflected in his own abilit to communicate or even properly experience feelings toward others.

Valtat ( 's narrator?) claims that he found via interviews with Ian Curtis that this song actually is about a mentally handicapped man 's rustration with a world which forever treats him like a infan.

Get over How Soon Is Now?, as Smiths fans who are n't movie characters do n't sit around listening to that song and feeling all gooey about it after approximately year one.

I do n't even remember the firs time I listened to Meat is Murder all the way through and did n't skip or just sorta tune out that song, great though it is.

He reflects upon attending a Sex Pistols show in his smal town: " ... if they told the basic truth about 'the system' at all [ they ] still only told part of the storie, since the system did n't consider it a crime to turn its staunchest self-styled enemies into self-destructive buffoons who 'd end up hurting only themselves. "* He specifically describes his experience of watching a performance of G.S.T.Q as bringing about the sudden understanding that " the singer was disillusioned " and that his gestures were " obsolete, a wistful strain of night music as sad as a wooden chime playing lullabies above a cradle when you pull a piece of string to start the melody and it slowly winds itself back up while music plays and the child below watches it retreat with the terrible knowledge that silence is on its way. " He sees the whole " no future " business as every bit as lacking in actual depth or power as every other half-assed gesture of résistance around him.

The list above contains pretty much all the explicit musical references in the ook, but the author carries on about them for pages n' pages each.

In that sense, I doubt Andy would care, considering the only hings I 've ever really known him to listen to are classical music and metal, the latter of which he considers to be the closest modern example of the intricacy contained in the former.

Anyway, maybe Andy wo n't like it, but you really might actually adore it.

gave it

Set in “ an eternal 1984, ” the narrator ’ s storie is framed and perpetually informed by his teenage fixation with a irl he sees every day on his pat to high school.

As might be expected, she ’ s no ordinary girl, and this key attribute of the bject of his affection is made apparent right away in the book ’ s opening sentence, whose last two words fall into place with an unexpected thud of unease and matter-of-factness: “ From the bus stop across the street it was ard to tell but suddenly I understood, seeing the passengers in the van that collected her every morning, that she was slightly retarded. ” So begins his presumably complete and unabridged recollection of all things related, whether directly or tangentially, to this love unrequited.

03 ’ s one long paragraph, ostensibly a postmodern, artificial gimmick, signifies the narrator ’ s teenage self ’ s profound feelings of desire towards the “ slightly retarded ” girl and displeasure about himself and others.

gave it

But when I came across this, I was interestin, especially because this was written in French, then translated, and 'Aurorarama' was written in English.

gave it

- but told with the wiser mind of a much older man.Really it deserves and requires being read in one session as when I was forced to stop my reading I lost the feel and flow of the iece, it should n't be hard people, give yourself an hour and enjoy being inside the ind of a French Holden Caulfield.

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