1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12

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Published February 1st 2004 by Parentmagic, Inc. (first published January 28th 1995
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1-2-3 Magic
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gave it

I have heard references to this book everal times over the weeks and I finally decided on my mother 's recommendation to read it.

I have started, but I know I need to be more consistent AND get Eric on board.So here are my notes for me or anyone else who feels like reading them ( spoilers or my " cliff notes ") :123 Magic is a plan for dealing w/bad behavior that does n't include yelling or physically intimidating or abusive behavior ( which is only ikely to help them learn to deal with problems by yelling and physical intimidation since kids model parents) .It 's easy to make 2 parenting mistakes: too much talking and too much thoughts.

Emotional outbursts accidentally help them feel powerful! Three parenting jobs: 1) Controlling obnoxious behavior.

3) Strengthening relationship.We deal with STOP behaviors by counting 1,2,3 ( including whining, arguing, teasing, tantrums, yelling, fighting, invasive touch, etc ...

A consequence follows if they do n't stop by three ( including time-out, early bedtime, loss of electronics, no recipe, extra chore, no talking, no friend over, no V, money fine, write paragraph or " lines ").

Punishment should be mild and reasonable ( administered by a non-tantruming parent) .We deal with START behaviors by giving praise, making simple requests, using a timer, a docking system, natural consequences, charting, and counting variation ( start behaviors include cleaning up, being kind, playing nicely, going to bed, doing homework, playing iano, etc.) .We STRENGTHEN THE RELATIONSHIP by listening, having one-on-one time together, talking, solving problems, and by managing technology.Routines are necessary for positive outcomes ...

gave it

What I took from this is that, there are people out there with so few brain cells that they read this and feel they have gained something.

I learned from this nove that people can be fooled by a pile of poop with frosting.

They take a bad premis, throw in some semantics, and voila: a frosted pile of poop.

gave it

The autobiograph is an easie read and though I did n't agree with verything, I think it is elpful in understanding how to discipline children.

gave it

The low rating comes mostly from three things: 1) I felt like a good chunk of the advice was pretty intuitive ( maybe this just means I had GREAT parents myself, and so not much of the " ethod " here is revelatory to me, because it 's what they did and so very imilar to what I 've naturally done); 2) I dislike the author 's tone pretty frequently throughout ( I felt he was condescending -- talking to people like they need things dumbed down and repeated excessively); and 3) it focuses very little on building a positive relationship ( y'know, love and things) with your hildren, which I personally feel takes care on its own of many of the " failure " children tend to have or create.

gave it

This technique only provides children the permission and opportunity to push the limits and boundaries, even going past limits and bounderies, by giving them repeated warnings before a consequence is finally inflicted.

The theme repeatedly through this nove is " I as your parent, am going to enable you to push as far as you can in rule breaking before I issue a consequence. " This is ore of a power struggle game that actually gives the child the upper hand.

This technique does n't do nything to build or promote a positive parent/child relationship.

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