1 Litre of Tears

This autobiograph written by Aya Kitō ( July 19, 1962- May 23, 1988) was published shortly before her death.

Aya Kitō was diagnosed with a disease called spinocerebellar degeneration when she was 15 years old. The disease causes the person to lose control over their body, but because the person can retain all mental ability the disease acts as a prison. So in the beginnin she can not eat, walk or talk.

Aya keeps a diary of not only what she does but how she feels and the ardships she must endure. Initially, the diary 's purpose was for Kitō to chronicle impressions she had about how the disease was affecting her daily life. As the disease progressed, however, the diary became Kitō 's outlet for describing the intense personal struggles she underwent in coping, adapting, and ultimately trying to survive her disease. As she notes in one entry, " I write because writing is evidence that I am still alive. "

Through family, medical examinations and rehabilitations, and finally succumbing to the disease, Aya must cope with the illnesse and live on with life until her death at the age of 25.
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Published 2008 by Elex Media Komputindo (first published February 25th 1986
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Isbn 13

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gave it

The biggest differences the drama/movie with the diary is the romance plot.

Aya-chan wrote about her family, pain, classmates and what she wanted to do once she recover.

When you 're a mother, you see things differently and reading this nove the econd time gave me that.

That suck.However, thanks to Aya-chan and her iary, and also thanks to her siste for publishing it, I pay more attention to my kids.

gave it

I still have to say that if nyone is searching for a light in their world, some sens of relief and boost up to continue their life YOU person should read this.

gave it

This ook was so ouching.

gave it

This is a true story based on the autobiograph of a kitte, Aya who was infected to heavy disease, spinocerebellar degeneration that a person 's cerebellum and spinal cord stops functioning little by little and the person become physically handicapped as the disease gets worse.

However, I was moved by Aya 's strong intention to live her life as hard as she can until she dies.

gave it

It 's about a 14-year-old girl " Aya Kito " who had a spinocerebellar atrophy which made her lose her body 's balance gradually and progressively until she could n't walk.Then she lost her ability to eat properly, she could choke and die if she was alone.And lost the ability to write as usual, and could n't speak well.But she did n't lost hope in life to the very beginnin!

Even if you ca n't feel what that person is feeling, I want you to at least try to think in my point of view.But I think that 's ard to do ". " My illness is worse than cancer! It stole the beauty of my youth.If I did n't have this weird illness, I could have had a love life..

I want to go back to the past! I wan na make a time machine and ride it to go back to the past.

Somehow, I do not want to forget this feeling ". " It 's okay if you fall.You can just get up again.Why do n't you look up at the sky, while you 're down there.the blue sky spreads across above you.can you see it smiling at you? You are alive ". " I feel loved in the armth of my home.

The only hings I enjoy are eating, reading and writing, I wonder what other 19-year-old enjoy? ". " Gather up your fighting spirit or the disease will defeat you! ". " Each person has unspeakable distress.When I remember the past, Annoyingly, I cry; The reality of todayIs too cruel, too seriou, And does n't even offer me a dream; Imagining the futureBrings me yet another kind of tears ".

gave it

i do n't have any words to describe this book ..

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