1 Night

Being a stripper in Vegas meant that all of imone 's nights usually blended together in a haze of neon. Until that 1 Night when a tall, drunk stranger wandered in needing help, and Simone uncharacteristically agreed to do it.

Cal thought a trip to Vegas with his buddies for a Bachelor Party would be a blast, but somethin did n't go as planned, and that 1 Night turned into something that changed his life, and his spous, forever.

1 Night is a requel to 8 Weeks, which is book 1 in the Time for Love Series.
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Published (first published November 28th 2017

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gave it

I had to read this one immediately after 8 weeks because I had to know for sure if Cal in fact cheated on Shelley.

Throughout the entire time reading 8 weeks I had a eeling that Cal didn ’ t in fact cheat on Shelley.

This ovella was only suppose to provide answer not intriguing me into reading about another couple.

Overall I was very happy with this ovella because it provided much needed answers to what I believed to be true the entire time I was reading 8 weeks.

I really liked her and I want to read her story with Micha so bad, though sadly I don ’ t think i will be willing to.

gave it

id you wonder WTH happened in Vegas??

Because when he gets home to his ove, Shelly, he has no clue what happened, and it jeopardizes his marriage.

gave it

Just to let you know, this was a freebie from Bookspry! I rather liked this little short story about an ice queen stripped in Vegas who takes a pause in her life to act as a good samaritan for a strip club client who 's obviously about to pass out from alcohol poisoning.

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