1 Zany Zoo

Have you ever wondered what happens at the zoo before the gates open? Foxes who steal keys, beavers who cook chili, hyenas who play the blues…when no one is looking, anything can happen! Readers won ’ t believe the antics of these wacky animals, and they ’ ll have a blast counting along with the simple text as they encounter each increasingly crazy creature. First-time illustrator Colin Jack ’ s unique retro style paired with contest winner Lori Degman ’ s enthusiastic words provide an entertaining peek inside the zaniest zoo around!
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Published July 20th 2010 by Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers (first published 2010
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1 Zany Zoo
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gave it

It might have been my crusty old-person 's eyes, but I had trouble seeing in the illustrations what was described in the text because of the sketchy style and the general busy-ness of the art.

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