10 Blind Dates für die große Liebe

Gefühlschaos und großes Herzklopfen!
Sophie wünscht sich nur eins: Zeit zu zweit mit ihrem Freund. Doch dann serviert Griffin sie aus heiterem Himmel ab – und Sophies Herz ist gebrochen. Zum Glück weiß ihre Nonna, was man gegen Liebeskummer tun kann: Zusammen mit der ganzen Familie arrangiert sie für Sophie zehn Blind Dates an zehn Tagen. Wenn das mal nicht im Chaos endet! Vor allem, weil nicht jedes Date Sophies Geschmack trifft. Zwischen all den süßen, aber auch verrückten Typen weiß sie gar nicht, wo ihr der Kopf steht. Und als wäre das nicht schon genug, steht plötzlich auch noch Griffin vor ihrer Tür, der sie zurückgewinnen will. Aber möchte Sophie das überhaupt? Denn vielleicht schlägt ihr Herz schon längst für jemand anderen ...
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Published October 31st 2019 by One (first published October 1st 2019
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10 Blind Dates
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gave it

Ashley Elston is a true blessing.I am even having a tough time forming legitimate sentences right now.This precious story follows Natali, who on the eve of Christmas break, is looking forward to nothing more than spending some quality time with her girlfriend, Reid.

Her arents are traveling to stay with her lder daughte, Isabelle, who is pregnant with her fourth child and having a complicated pregnancy.The stated plan is that Ann will be traveling to her Grandparent 's house to stay with them, and her large extended family, for the entirety of the oliday.

Nonna 's plan: have family members set poor Sophie up on 10 blind dates to keep her busy each night of her Christmas break.I know this book sounds like the perfect plot for a romantic comedy and it definitely is.

gave it

Margot and her boyfriend for a year are newly broken up and Sophie ’ s family has the great idea of filling up her Christmas agenda with ten blind dates.

But this Christmas isn ’ t just about innocent fun with random dudes; it ’ s also about Sophie reconnecting with her family—her grandparents, ncles, cousins, cousins and even childhood friends.

gave it

Rachel thinks that she might also be ble to sneak away and finally get a little alone time with her longtime love, but things don ’ t work out the way she envisions when she finds out that he is having second thoughts about them staying together since they will both be going away to college soon.

She goes to her uncle ’ house feeling rather heartbroken, but her entire family who are all celebrating Christmas under the same roof, decide to try to cheer her up by setting her up on *looks at book title* ten blind dates!

Dorothea is for sure having her doubts, but when the first date goes alright, she thinks that maybe she can do this, and maybe she can get closer to some of the family members she has drifted a little apart from in the rocess.

gave it

They used to be like the Four Musketeers, and it is n't long before they fall back into that pattern.Sophie ’ s grandmother doesn ’ t want to see her miserable, so she proposes a plan: let 10 members of the family set her up on blind dates, one a ay, and hopefully it will take her mind off her heartbreak.

Her family gets ultra-competitive about all aspects of every date, too, but the whole exercise mostly makes Sophie feel better about things.

gave it

Look sometimes you get a cupcake and you just want to devour the whipped cream sugary goodness by itself and that 's what this is 😌it 's sweet and has a lot of wild and fun blind dates happening ( hey with a few deeper things happening in the background) and it features BIG ITALIAN FAMILIES and oblivious crushes and so much food you will, quite literally, need a snack break.

Reading is hard work, I need cinnamon scrolls.blind date tiiiiimeSophie overhears her boyfriend say being with her is " boring " which is just a beautifu way to start her christmas break.

I decided after about 2 pages that her ( ex) boyfriend Griffin needed to fall into a hole and wE WILL DIE FOR WES, aka a childhood best friend she " totally " does " not " " like " in " that way " .sweet summer childbig families ftwLook there are precious few big-family centric books and this is fills a hole in my life.

¯\_ ( ツ) _/¯ And I loved the mix of big-family christmas traditions+ going on these weird blind dates+ in the background Sophie 's worried about her sibling.

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