10 Essentials to The Blueprint of Happiness

Some people are born happy, and we often meet them in our daily lives. The same can be true for every human on this arth. Souls are born humble but are stressed by society. One of the primary sources of unhappiness is the existence of adverse individuals in our life. Remove them, and we are free winged creatures. Gossip, socialize, make friends and not a single day would go in sadness. Respect live-in relationship if marriage exhausts you. Travel and explore this beautiful earth for a more joyful you. Forget Billionaires and live your unique life. Deliberate changes in our daily lives can punch you up and make it worth living. " " Ten Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness " " delightfully portrays interlinked stories from everyday modern life that can change you forever with everlasting bliss.
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Published August 19th 2017
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gave it

They teach us skills for our self-mastery and thereby leading a peaceful, happy and contended life.Nowadays the attention the youngsters attribute to these orts of books dwindles .They should realize the importanc of them as they serve as a sure companion in the journey of personal development .I love these books as they remind me to review my lifestyle and make necessary corrections for my well being and betterment.The plan10 Essentials to the Blueprint of HAPPINESS is a classic Self help book as its catchy title and the lovely cover coax me read the books.

It is a superb book on self improvement.It teaches us the rinciples of attaining happiness by making changes and understanding the different spects of our life .The book starts with the following nugget of wisdom. “ Remember, no woma is a failure who has friends ” -Frank Capra ’ s Movie –It ’ s a Wonderful life ( 1946) It ends with the following wordsAs Grammy –winning singer Bobby McFerrin rightly sums up life in mere four words-Don ’ t Worry…………………….Be Happy.The Synopsis given on the back side of the cover includes the following sentence highlighting the book 's uniqueness. “ Ten Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness “ delightfully portrays interlinked stories from everyday modern life that can change you forever with everlasting bliss.The book starts with a Preface which it says as follows: So let ’ s go through ten practical tips that would freshen you and make life livable even under stressful circumstances.Then there is the introduction .Are you Happy? There are 10 chapters, each giving a thorough discussion with stories and poem with bullets and list points.

gave it

If we read a whole 500 page book of how to be happy, nothing would remain in your mind unless you can relate to the topics discussed.

Only when they face a difficult situation does they realize that minding other 's business is also mportant.

Author has conveyed this simple message along with highly philosophical matters in a simple language, comprehensible to everyone.

If you need to help someone you should tell them in simple ords and that is what this book does.Happiness is not sur that can be served in a golden platter.

gave it

Deliberate changes in our daily lives can punch you up and make it worth living.10 Essentials To The Blueprint of Happiness is a very simple and an amazing self help read.

The novelist has used various stories and instances which are written in an easy language and all of them are connected with the theme of the nove that is appiness.

The novelist has talked about a lot of things through the book such as arriage, communication, travel etc.

It covers broad areas of the human life life which makes a reader connected to the bestselling.

A lot of skills to be happy can be learnt from this book.Overall, a very well written self help ook.

gave it

“ 10 Essentials to The Blueprint of Happiness ” that has a unique concept where you will find stories revolving around modern everyday life which talk about how to be happy.There are total ten stories in the book that touch different aspects of life.

Otherwise there is always a risk or turning preachy while writing such stories.The book is a light read with simple and easy language.

The ook has shed some light on the spects which can make us happy in life without making much efforts.

gave it

The book starts with the author sharing a personal experience from his life and then talking about what lov is.

He talks about the significanc of knowing oneself.The author narrates incidents from his own life and his frien and family in the orm of stories.

It has a conversational style that makes us read the book quite fast but it ’ s crucial to take in everything slowly.Even though the nove is written in a step by step manner, there was a ot of information and explanation of every point.

In this autobiography, I found that there was too much information and because of this, it is harder to take out the important thing and implement it in our lives.

I think I started losing interest because the later ections of the ook were not of importance to me personally.

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