10 Things I Hate About Pinky

The follow-up to When Dimple Met Rishi and There ’ s Something about Sweetie follows Pinky and Samir as they pretend to date—with disastrous and hilarious results.

Pinky Kumar wears the social justice warrior badge with pride. From raccoon hospitals to persecuted rock stars, no cause is too esoteric for her to champion. But a teeny-tiny part of her also really enjoys making her conservative, buttoned-up corporate lawyer parents cringe.

Samir Jha might have a few... quirks remaining from the time he had to take care of his sick mother, like the endless lists he makes in his planner and the pat he schedules every minute of every mont, but those are good things. They make life predictable and steady.

Pinky loves lazy summers at her mother ’ Cape Cod lake house, but after listening to them harangue her about the poor decisions ( aka boyfriends) she ’ s made, she hatches a plan. Get her sorta-friend-sorta-enemy, Samir—who is a total Harvard-bound Mama ’ s boy—to pose as her perfect boyfriend for the winter. As they bicker their way through lighthouses and butterfly habitats, sparks fly, and they both realize this will be a summer they 'll never forget.
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Expected publication: June 30th 2020 by Simon Pulse
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10 Things I Hate About Pinky

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gave it

Like Menon 's other ooks, Pinky is filled with a ot of heart and humo, along with an entire cast of Desi characters.

Pinky and Samir are two protagonist that I think a lot of people will be unabl to relate to.

The two of them together makes for a elationship that is filled with a lot of riction, along with sexual tension.There is also another discordant relationship in Pinky 's life- the one with her father that she just ca n't seem to fix.

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