10 Ways to Survive Christmas with Your Ex: A 27 Ways Novella


There are dozens of things we know we must never do. For examples, we shouldn ’ t run with scissors or take candy from strangers. But there ’ s another lesser-known rule, and it ’ s just as important as the ones you learned as a child: Never, never call your ex-boyfriend when your life is falling apart.

But that ’ s exactly what I did.


What do you call it when your ex-girlfriend contacts you out of the blue on the very same day her mother invites you over for Christmas? Some would call it fate, others coincidence.

I call it an opportunity. One I ’ m not going to pass up…

Author ’ s note: 10 Ways to Survive Christmas with Your Ex is a funny and festive 26,000-word Christmas novella. It can be read as a standalone, or along with the aforementioned essay in the series.
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Published November 1st 2019
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gave it

I love a good Christmas romantic comedy and this one gave me all the feels!

You might remember him if you ’ ve read the next two boo in this series ( although they can easily be read as stand alone books, too.) He wasn ’ t pla on spending Christmas this year with his siblings, since they were going to spend it with Georgia ’ s family, but when Georgia calls him out of the re, he has a change of heart.

gave it

A perfect pick-me up book for if you ’ re feeling down.

gave it

Even though he knows eorgia is n't going to be happy about him coming.

gave it

Her ex high school boyfriend from 10 years ago -- Isaac.Georgia is the type of person who wants to be fiercely independent and make a name for herself, but that 's toug to do when your life is falling apart.

Isaac, on the other hand, is the type of person who fixes things.

gave it

I loved him in the earlie nove and was excited to get his story.

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