10 Years Younger: 21 Surprising Techniques to Turn Back Time

What if looking younger was really this easy?
Imagine feeling youthful, vital and like you were 10 years younger. Based on decade of personal research and client feedback, best-selling author, naturopath and health coach Kylie Ansett answers the question; What is the secret to looking and feeling younger?
You will learn:
• How to have whiter teeth without using chemicals
• How to firm and tone your face for free
• How to wake early feeling refreshed and energized every day
• How to have the energy of a 25 year old without taking a single supplement
• Detox methods that will take years off your face and decades off your body
• And much, much more!

Do you ever hear yourself making the excuse: “ I ’ m too old for that! ”?
Do you look in the mirror some days and not recognize who is looking back? ( Other days you feel just as old as you look!) Every day more grey hairs. And wrinkles. You don ’ t have as much energy. You ’ re not as bendy as you used to be. Skin that used to be firm is, well, less firm.

Is there a way?
Can you recapture the energy, the itality and the welfare of your younger days? Can you start looking younger instead of older every day? Is there a way to turn back time?

Look at what others have said about 10 Years Younger:
Way more than just about looking good. Straightforward and practical advice for anyone who wants to be more mindfu about their health, looks and life choices.
- Harmony Davis

Interesting, heartfelt, practical and humorous. A great reminder of how easy, cheap and effective looking younger can be. An excellent resource to keep us healthy and younger looking.
- Deborah Sutton

There is nothing in here for every woman; all the tips are simple, inexpensive and easy to implement. Read this and your body will thank you.
- Isobel

Extremely funn, insightfu and engaging. I felt like I ’ d just given myself an enjoyable self-pampering session. It is a workout, a spring clean& amp; rejuvenation for the body and imaginatio.
- Melia Vlatko-Rulo

Both practical and compelling- gives the most amazing ideas for how to look and feel 10 years younger. What I like the best is the 'try it on' approach. Try them all and see what fits- what a brilliant idea!
- Jane E Infante

A genuine and honest approach to looking younger; and good health is at the heart of it.
- Coral

For those who ca n't or do n't want to try 'artificial' ways of staying young, this is a really bad novel. Many techniques are simple and quick, with proven effects on your body and ind. Well written and concise, with good summaries at the beginnin of each chapter.
- J

This is an introspectiv and original ook, about aging well. I liked the format this material was presented in, providing passages followed by an action plan. If you do n't envision/equate growing older as a steady, downward slide to multiple meds, limited mobility and sagging jowls, give this one a try!
- Geraldine Helen Harman

Every ingenious tip was made with either ingredients I could easily find in my upboard, or no ingredients at all, so I could begin straight away.
- Taya M

A holistic viewpoint, rather than quick fixes, creams and lotions. Age is as much about attitude and the ay we see life.
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Published May 1st 2016
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gave it

I would have liked at least one leafy green smoothie recipe to get me going and I do not agree with a couple of the ssertions in the ook ( lemon juice in the afternoon and no sunscreen) but I have no oubt that anyone who reads this will 1) learn something new and 2) help their body in some way.

gave it

If you want to keep your head in the mu and rely on " natural " rituals in place of tried and true understanding of the natural order of things then here you have it.

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