100 Bullets Book Two

In the last collection of the acclaimed, award-winning 100 BULLETS, Agent Graves continues to offer immunity to everyday people to carry out their innermost desires of vengeance with the 100 bullets that he supplies. But as these self-serving manipulations take place, pieces of the mysteries of the Minutemen and the organization that created them start to come together, and we discover to the esearch and conspiracy theories of Mr. Branch. As more is revealed about the series' main characters, the true meaning and significanc of the confrontations between Graves and the Trust starts to emerge.

Then, Agent Graves presents his trademark attaché case containing a gun and 100 untraceable bullets to Milo Garret—a small-time private dick who 's just gotten out of the hospital after losing an argument with his car 's windshield. With his face covered in bandages, Milo has become an invisible man in more ways than one. As his latest case draws him into the hadowy world of the Trust, he 's forced to confront the blank space that is his past and figure out what it has to do with the attaché case he 's holding in the present ... and do it before what he does n't know ends up finishing the job that the windshield started.

Collects 100 BULLETS# 20-36.
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Published April 21st 2015 by Vertigo (first published April 1st 2012
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gave it

Risso 's art is also an undeniable force in this eries, at times beautiful, others gut-wrenching, sometimes both.

gave it

Those stories may have little to do with the story on the res, but they help to develop, define, and provide a believable identity to the character that appear throughout the entire series while they are existing separately from one another.

One of the highlight stories of the entire 100 Bullets series is contained within this volume.

Milo Garret is one of my favorites among the Minute Men and fans of noir fiction will undoubtedly appreciate Azzarello 's more distinctly noticeable nods to the genre with this 5 part tale.

Your gon na like this part.Risso continues to contribute the beautiful rtwork of the series.

gave it

I still prefer the work of other crime teams such as Brubaker/Phillips or Matt Kindt -- edgier and more satisfying ideas -- in terms of both writing and art, but this has its high points: the inclusion of several artists like Frank Miller and Jim Lee who fill in and do one pagers, the “ Mr. Branch and the Family Tree ” story which provides Branch with a chance to give us backstory on several characters; “ Idol Chatter ” is a single issue story on the Marilyn Monroe/Joe DiMaggio/ JFK love triangle.

gave it

Love the characte and the story telling and starting to dig the art work too.

100 Bullets caught my attention though.Not sure if I said this in my ast review, but this a a lot better writing then Azzarello 's run on Wonder Woman.

100 Bullets thankfully does n't read like Wonder Woman.

Okay, so it not art for everyone, but this guy proves you do n't just read a comic nove.

Art is a CONSIDERABLE part in the anthologies and 100 Bullets prove that fact.This issue I liked better then the first one if that 's even possible.

It kind of reminded me of Chinatown a little bit.If you like Vertigo and want a good ook I rally recommend 100 Bullets.

And Like I said before, it does n't read like most Vertigo and that all the harde.

gave it

Burrowing unto a thousand rabbit holes the conspiracy becomes marvelously deepened with each bullet blasted and each body dropped.

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