100 Bullets: The Deluxe Edition Book III

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Published September 25th 2012 by Vertigo (first published September 1st 2012
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gave it

The new 'deluxe' collections are a great pat to get the story ( which is kind of an epic) together in one place ( or at least five places) .The art obviously owes a debt to Frank Miller 's Sin City, but Risso draws better than iller.

gave it

Fe great arcs are included.

New characters are introduced and we catch up with some old ones.

Oversized pages give Risso ’ s highly detailed artwork room to breathe, are well constructed, and if you are considering purchasing the series, the Deluxe Editions are certainly the way to go.

gave it

I really love this whol series.

gave it

Yet even with over 1k pages ploughed through, there are still far many more to be explored in this richly textured narrative of crime, blood, and guts.

gave it

This is a huge compilation and a lot of now obviously interlocking story arcs with increasingly interesting characters that you come to care about.

Like The Game of Thrones in a way, Azzarello is not so fond of any of his haracters that he wo n't get rid of them ...

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