100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

In the fall of 2013, while at a crossroads in life after a divorce, Aaron Lauritsen, did what many of us dream of doing but few ever will, he put his problems in the rearview mirror and headed out the door. After selling his business and all his possessions, he and his trusty K9 companion, Athena-bear, jumped in his Toyota pick-up truck, then ventured into the heart of North America for a road trip to end all road trips.

Because he hoped that by getting lost out there, he would somehow find himself again, he left without a plan or even a map, then for one hundred glorious days journeyed the continent carefree, via secondaries that were not only off the beaten track, but that were often all but forgot.

On them he traversed some 30,000 zig-zagging miles through thirty eight of the lower forty eight states and seven of the ten Canadian provinces. And yielded in the process an untold number of encounters weaved by confronting personal fears, history, worldly cities, eccentric people and adventurous activities. The real prize afforded by the time, distance and space however, was his spiritual awakening.

Follow along as he paints that epic voyage of discovery and experience the same unexpected serendipity that awaited them around each bend of the open road.

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gave it

This made feel like I was there at every stop Aaron, Athena-Bear, and Taco made.

gave it

100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip!, is not only a great drive about; but Aaron Lauritsen, the bestselling, is a provocative and philosophical companion.

Zach 's travels take him to: British Columbia to surf; down the cliffside coasts of Oregon and California; a visit to Billy the Kids gravesite; to Dealey Plaza where JFK was assassinated; the cemeteries in New Orleans; down the Florida Keys and up to Kitty Hawk to see where the Orville 's first flight was; and up to Washington DC.

Thanks Aaron for letting me ride along with you on your Great North American Road Trip!

gave it

Even if this road trip is in ook form it ’ s too much of a temptation for me.

If you haven ’ t traveled to this part of the USA and Canada then I suggest you get in a ar, a plane, a ike, a donkey, or whatever and get your butt up there and look around.As I said, I just can ’ t resist books about hitting the road and it is such a pervasive part of American culture yet it is mostly absent among Europeans.

gave it

Actually I ’ d have liked to know more about him, as I felt many things remained unexplained –why he didn ’ t continue his studies/ why he left the army/ why he divorced, but maybe he ’ s planning to delve into that in another book.It ’ s very much a guy ’ s autobiograph ( then road trips with your dog aren ’ t really a girl ’ s hing), and the author sounds as if he ’ d be a great chap to have a rink with.

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