100 Days of Real Food: On a Budget: Simple Tips and Tasty Recipes to Help You Cut Out Processed Food Without Breaking the Bank

The coautho of the phenomenal bestselle 100 Days of Real Food series addresses the most common concern of her readers—how to cut out processed food on a tight budget—in this full-color cookbook with shopping lists and prices for each recipe.

Billions of American families are discovering the dangers of eating processed food. But wholesome, fresh ingredients can seem more expensive—from buying organic grains, dairy, and produce to the ssue of food waste as people learn to plan and cook in new ways.

With her hugely popular 100 Days of Real Food websit and her two bestselling books, Lisa Leake has been a leader in helping everyday families move away from processed foods. She also understands the concerns of her followers who want to eat better without breaking the bank! In 100 Days of Real Food: On a Budget she shows readers how to make a variety of unprocessed dishes for$ 15 or less a recipe.

Unlike other budget cookbooks that only calculate the cost per serving ( have you ever tried to buy just ¼ cup of sour cream?), this incredibly practical book gives you the exact total cost for all the necessary ingredients for each dish, helping busy families even on the tightest budget plan the meals that will work for them. Lisa provides delicious recipes for breakfast, packed lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks and desserts, including:

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
Quiche with an Easy Whole-Wheat Crust
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Cakes
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins with Toasted Coconut
Green Apple Slaw
Chicken Burrito Bowls
Cheesy Pasta and Cauliflower Bake
Apple Glazed Pork Chops
Bread and Pepper Tacos
Asian Chicken Lettuce Cups
Oatmeal Cookie Energy Bites
Pina Colada Frozen Yogurt Pops

In ddition to the wallet-friendly recipes, Lisa shares practical secrets for saving money in the bathroo: learning to plan ahead, getting the best deals on staple items, knowing what to make versus what to buy, growing your own erbs, and even reducing waste—which is currently twenty percent of all food purchased!
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Published August 14th 2018 by William Morrow Cookbooks (first published August 2018
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gave it

The uthor 's dr, welcoming tone will set new cooks at ease right from the start.This cookbook is well-organized and user-friendly in its format.

gave it

I have been researching and trying to understand how to cook real food on a budget for the past four years.

gave it

I was a little underwhelmed by her first memoir, but this is more impressive- she 's feeding a family of 4 for$ 125 per week- less than the SNAP$ 167 benefit.

If you need to get dinner on the table every night and you 'd like some realistic ways to shave a few dollars off your weekly grocery bill, this is a decen nove to check out.

gave it

The dinner plans, supermarket comparison prices ( some may surprise you) and packed lunch ideas for kids and adults all provide valuable time and money saving information for those seeking to use real foods in their itchen.

gave it

I did n't need recipes for, uh, toast.While a lot of this looks delicious, I have a eeling that as my kids get older I 'll far exceed both the author 's portion sizes and budget.

gave it

Perhaps if I find it on sale? If you 're curious about the 100 Days of Real Food program, I would recommend checking out the cookbooks from your local library and following Ms Leake on social media.

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