100 Journeys for the Spirit: Sacred, Inspiring, Mysterious, Enlightening

Certain special places move us at a profound level-with a kind of inner beauty that puts us in direct touch with the pirit. It might be a temple, a catholic, a commemorative monument, a wayside shrine or a landscape feature that is saturated in the ambiance of ancient sacred traditions. Such places are worth taking the trouble to visit. They add meaning to our lives, awakening a sense of awe, beauty of tranquility.

From the prehistoric megaliths of Carnac in Brittany to the Buddhist temple complex of Borobudur in Java, from the giant medicine wheel at Bighorn, Wyomingng, in the USA to the Confucian Temple of Heaven in Beijing, this memoir will guide you on a trip around a hand-picked selection of 100 of the world 's most spiritually uplifting sites. Accompanying the superb photographs are evocative descriptions of each place, mos of them from esteemed writers who share with us their personal responses in their own inimitable style. For travelers wishing to experience these places for themselves, there is a helpful gazetteer packed with practical visitor information at the back of book.

By immersing ourselves in those special places where landscape, art and spirit meet in a radiant intersection, we enlarge our perspective on life. This books gives us the inspiration and knowledge to do so.
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Published October 5th 2010 by Watkins (first published October 1st 2010
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gave it

This is a prett nove, full of places I would love to visit.

gave it

I haven ’ t yet decided, but I am going someplace this summer and reporting back about it! Here ’ s some of the photo, at least: https: //www.booktopia.com.au/100-jour ... This is a National Public Radio podcast on How to Make Travel Meaningful with Pico Iyer and Paul Theroux ( it ’ s about 30 minutes, which is a lot, but you know, if you are interested in making your travel meaningful.

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