100 Notes on Violence

Poetry. The 2009 Sawtooth Poetry Prize, selected by Rae Armantrout, is Julie Carr 's provocative 100 NOTES ON VIOLENCE. Carr obsessively researches intimate terrorism, looking everywhere from Whitman and Dickinson to lists of phobias and weapon-store catalogs for answers. This autobiography is a dream-document both of light and innocence babies and the reluctanc to protect them and of giving in to a wrenching darkness, where despair lies in the very act that no single factor is to blame.
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Published January 15th 2010 by Ahsahta Press (first published 2010
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gave it

While a great majority of violent acts are perpetrated by men ( a fact I am well aware of, please understand), the uthor seems intent on skewing the data even further that way.

Now, I m absolutely no proponent of legal guns whatsoever ( quite the opposite, in fact), but I found it odd and awfully single-minded that the poet spoke of the shooters' ability to handle and use guns when no attention was paid to the violence these boys were subjected to on school grounds, how those in charge were so inundated with violence that they did nothing to stop this situation in advance.

But if you seek to understand violence, I think you need to start by looking at the full picture.

I feel that our cultural love of violence in America needs to be examined much more and I applaud arr for doing so.

gave it

I really liked this one; it was also disturbing to read.

gave it

I heard Carr read in Tucson, and found these notes mesmerizing, like I was overhearing an uncanny frequency.

It 's as though arr has shattered a mirror and then sought to pick up the fragmented pieces and re-construct the mirror in new, strange ways.

Compared to C.D. Wright 's " One Big Self, " for xample, this ook feels undeveloped and, for this reader, unsuccessful.

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