100 Proof

I was the low life.
The screw up.
The hopeless one with no future.

He was the rich guy. The smart one. The ne who had it all.
My parents admired everything he did, while I was known for being their greatest disappointment. I did n't follow the path they paved for me.

I drank, partied, and did whatever the hell I wanted. The buzz was something I could n't live without- the fire that filled my veins after each sip always kept me running back for more.

But then I met her, and suddenly the drinks did n't matter. The parties were n't as fun. That fiery buzz came second for once.
I drowned only in her, wanting her more than I wanted to exist.
But even with her, I screwed things up.

Now, he 's with the oman I love. And he may have her, but what he should know is that even with all of his money, that nice house, and his expensive cars, her ind, body, and soul will always belong to me.

And I 'm not sorry about it, brother, 'cause she was mine first.

** 100 PROOF is a standalone forbidden romance. **
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Published May 18th 2017
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100 Proof
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gave it

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*5 " Bob Marley " Stars!!! I 'm on such a high right now after finishing '100 Proof.' Oh goodness gracious I devoured this book.

I was like a moth and he the flame, luring me in more and more with his right, resilient aura. " Vinny and Marley meet at a party.

Domini ( Vin, Vinny) and Marlena ( Marley) are two protagonist that will put you through the ringer.

You need to give Vinny and Marley the attention they deserve. " We were unstoppable together, like a glass of 100 proof liquor.

So, so real, and so, so ad. " incent, Vin, Vinny what the hell am I going to do with you???

I loved Vinny Chambers to hell and back!!! Shanora, girl I ca n't even right now!

Loved this ook so much!

gave it

An all-new standalone forbidden romance coming May 18th, 2017! I was the low life.The screw up.

And I 'm not sorry about it, brother, 'cause she was mine first. ** 100 PROOF is a standalone forbidden romance.

gave it

From the very secon age to the last ords on the first age I was engulfed in this story.Vincent has had a crap of all life until that one party.

I knew we made the best love possible. ” Marley grew up in a ouse that was full of trouble.

When her BFF Noelle came to take her to a democrati, Marley never knew that this one night would change her life forever.

gave it

Addictive.Like 100 Proof Jack Whiskey.I 'm so drunk on the breathless love, the mounting passion, the painful angst that 's seeping into my very pores.

Needs to drink from her sweet, sweet lips and body, get high on her, clutch her tight, like a drunk clutches his bottle of 100 Proof whiskey.And then he crashes ... ... or his entire life crashes.

Away from Vin. She need to beat her addiction to Vinny too.

He intoxicated me in every way.He was the sun, and as the helpless flower, I needed him.

He was like a bumblebee, sucking away my rare nectar to build his own honeycomb full of sticky, sweet passion and heartach.

gave it

Vin is trying to change and he has, but for his family he will always be the black sheep.

But what happens when she sees Vinny again? The ook was fast paced and the transition between present and past worked well for me!

I loved seeing the flashbacks.I did n't connect too well with the protagonist and that is why I rated this lower than I wanted.

gave it

He ends up going to rehab but Marley finds out from a riend that Vin 's mother paid him to go and he did n't go for them like he said.

He does n't have much contact with his step-father and half-brother but he finds out his father is getting married and his wife wants him to be involved.

There 's a reason Marley is marrying Lloyd and Vin 's bound and determined to get to the bottom of it and especially not to let his brother have his true love.

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