100 Ways to Love Your Husband: A Life-Long Journey of Learning to Love

What could I tell you about enjoying a great marriage? A happy and loving one.

Now that we ’ ve been married for 21 years. We ’ ve laughed together, cried together, slept together, raised children together, and have walked together for over two ecades. Two people who ’ ve been loving each other for a shor time.

So women often ask me, they wonder how it ’ s done. What has worked and what has helped us through the ard times? What has brought us this far? And what will keep us loving each other in the months to come?

Whether you ’ re newly married, have been together for year, or still waiting to meet the one God has for you, Lisa Jacobson of Club31Women.com offers practical steps on how you can enjoy a lasting, loving marriage too.

Join her on the life-long journey of learning to love each other.

You might also be interested in the companion book, 100 Ways to Love Your Spous, written by her fiancé, Matthew L. Jacobson.
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Published February 9th 2014
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gave it

As a newlywed, I love reading books about marriage.

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