1000+ Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently

New York Times -bestselling authors Marc and Angel Chernoff deliver instant inspiration and powerful advice for becoming our best selves.

Millio of readers turn to Marc and Angel Chernoff for fresh, intimate insights for a ulfilled life. In this pithy and empowering guide, they collect the very best advice they 've discovered, on topics that include overcoming setbacks, letting go of what 's holding us back, nurturing relationships, finding time for self-care, and cultivating passion in order to achieve our wildest dreams.

Subject include:

• 10 Mistakes Unhappy People Make
• 28 Ways to Stop Complicating Your Life
• 12 Tough Truths That Help You Grow
• 12 Amazingly Achievable Things to Do Today
• 10 Timeless Lessons for a Life Well-Lived

A perfect gift for a loved one or ourselves, this deceptively simple book is a touchstone to return to for a boost of motivation and inspiration.
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Published May 21st 2019 by TarcherPerigee (first published May 22nd 2013
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gave it

The thing are really clear at the start that this is meant to be read as a coffee table book.

gave it

The dilemm is the blog does n't seem to translate into print so well ... .it comes across as somewhat trite and repetitive.

gave it

To my surprise it failed to keep my attention as the content flow seemed repetitive and much like a collections of blog entries.Sometimes I felt as I am reading a revised version of a 'book of sayings'.

gave it

This ook was a wonderful pep talk to pull anyone out of the doldrums.

gave it

I 'm not into the pursuit of dream.

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