1000 Random Things You Always Believed That Are Not True

As the title suggests, 1000 Random Things You Always Believed That Are Not True, contains a huge list of interesting and unbelievable misconceptions about the world around us. This ook helps break through all the myths that surround us and give you the straight facts on topics that range from human to food and even to space.

1000 Random Things You Always Believed That Are Not True is packed with nteresting, funny, educational and fun way to read. You 'll get everything from the weird to the onderful and from the horrifi to the fun. We bust some common misconceptions such as:

The tongue does n't have different regions dedicated to different tastes. Every single taste can be sensed on every part of your tongue.

Vikings did not wear helmets with horns on them.
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Published June 26th 2015
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gave it

I love interesting facts, weird trivia, and great quotes.

But here 's the other things I love ...

gave it

So do n't bother.

gave it

It would be great to give a comprehensive explanation before clarifying that particular myth.Also, with 1000 different random things to be discussed, I can see how ifficult it is to give referenc to each one of them, ( no references were listed) which initiates doubt to fully accept everything that is there.On the other hand, I found this book usefu in a ense of making use of the ( hidden moments) of the day.

Waiting in line in a bank or health centre, going shopping with your sisters ( it can be quite bothersome at times, I assure you), or waiting for your friend at a baker, all these wasted minutes can be easily exploited, because this book lists the information in points, none has anything to do with the former or the latter.

gave it

Wow, this book sucked.

gave it

But there were quite a few that were fun to learn and research showed them to be all true facts he has listed.

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