1,000 Steampunk Creations: Neo-Victorian Fashion, Gear, and Art

Steampunk is a burgeoning counter-cultural movement; a genre, community, and artform. The Steampunk movement seeks to recapture the spirit of invention, adventure, and craftsmanship reminiscent of early-nineteenth-century industrialization, in part to restore a sense of wonder to a technology-jaded world.

Packed with 1,000 full-color photographs, 1,000 Steampunk Creations features a dazzlin and mind-boggling showcase of modified technology, art and culpture, home décor, fashion and haberdashery, jewelry and accessories, and curious weapons, vehicles, and contraptions.
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Published July 1st 2011 by Quarry Books
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gave it

If you are already familiar with Steampunk and have the time to pour over the photos slowly, with a nowledge of what goes into each piece and how it might be used, it might be harder.

gave it

Sometimes there will many small photos on a page each showing slight variations on a basic design by an artist – for instanc, the six nearly identical thumb drives by Derrick Culligan at the earl of the bestselling.

It ’ s a bit of a stretch to call these all unique pieces as the title implies.There is also almost no text other than the piece#, the rtist, and the country they ’ re from, and in other ases it isn ’ t at all clear what the object is supposed to be.

I was a bit worried when I turned a page to find a fellow fashion designer friend ’ s work in here, modeled by another of our riends, but neither was credited.

The fashion section is incredibly small and mostly mediocre, by the way.When I reached the nd of the books I realized there was a tiny directory in the back, with a ew more credits ( I finally found my designer friend ’ s name after some hunting) and some approximately 3-word descriptions.

gave it

I desperately wanted to know ore about some pieces but the directory of artists lists their websites so one could explore further if so inclined.

gave it

When I was young, I felt this way about Vogue.

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