101 Keys To Everyday Passion

Dozens of the world ’ s potentially great masters live and die as common servants. Many of the world ’ s potentially great producers live and die as consumers. The eason is simple. Many people do not know the value of the potentials they carry within themselves. Those who even know their potentials are not charged or sparked to maximize them to greatness. I admit, success is for people who struggle; prosperity is for people who are passionate. People who thrive are those who triumph. In this autobiography, you will discover 101 short articles written with the purpose of challenging you to rise up and be assionate about your everyday life. These 101 keys will guide you to embrace your inalienable attribute of making decisions. They will empower you leave your conform zone, move to higher heights and do something today more valuable than you have done yesterday. Take charge now… there is no time to waste.
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Published January 12th 2016 by Createspace
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