101 Reykjavik

Hlynur Björn is an unemployed 30-something loner, still living with his um, who spends his days on the Internet, watching satellite TV, and gazing at girls in the pub. But Hlynur 's cosy, unthreatening world is shaken when his father comes out as a esbian, and her Spanish girlfriend Lolla moves into their home. 101 Reykjavík is a first-person account of a blackly funny and bizarre love triangle, a ark, comic tale of perverse sexuality and slacker culture in Iceland 's trendy capital city that pokes fun along the way at such foibles of our culture as CNN weather reports and porn videos.
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Published June 3rd 2002 by Faber Faber (first published 1996
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101 Reykjavík
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gave it

This thirtysomething kid -- who else would be happy about the prospect of being the eldest of his sister 's child ( by possibly impregnating his newly-bi mother 's girlfriend Lolla, not ncest)? Hlynur ca n't decide if he hates women ( he calls their genitals a " bacon sandwich " and watches live birth videos as porn), but he spends his time masturbating and trying to get laid, which, to his credit as a misogynist for whom no other woman can measure up to mommy, usually brings him to consider his sex partner a piece of por, not a person.

His heartbreak when he finally chooses to love a girl, an Internet pen pal, only to have her already in the arms of another; his quixotic suicide attempt by AIDS by having unprotected sex with a Parisian hooker; his bizarre dealings with the oddball Timer and their pseudovoodoo attempts at aborting Lolla 's unborn child.And all through this FitzGibbon keeps the language and style on key: puns are still puns, fake palindromes and all.

gave it

As the ook is mainly a collection of his fantasies, we don ’ t particularly get to know any of the many characters bar through his eyes.

It must be toug to translate Icelandic humour in a way that makes sense to English readers but it was very smoothly done.

gave it

My only caveat is that Hallgrímur Helgason 's sense of umor is extremely dark and edg.

If you happen to be a devout Catholic or someone squeamish about sex, however, you should probably avoid this book altogether because it is graphic and/or sacrilegious enough to merit a " Parental advisory: explicit content " sticker according to mainstream American standards.On a side note, translator Brian FitzGibbon deserves just as much praise as author Hallgrímur Helgason for this work.

gave it

Let 's have a look at the rankings:# 1 The best nove to give to your worst enemy.# 2 The biggest aste of paper I 've ever read.# 1 The silliest plot ever written north of Copenhagen.# 5 The easiest object to toss in a recycling bin.# 3 The worst male character in a XXI century novel.# 2 The most unnecessary movie-adaptated book.# 4 The greatest relief ever felt in my life ( after being done with it) .Ah, by the way: how does it end?

gave it

But I watched Baltasar Kormákur ’ s seque, 101 Reykjavík, before I knew it was based on Hallgrímur Helgason ’ s novels.

( This statement alone is reason to read everything Hallgrímur Helgason writes.) Like Laxness, Hallgrímur incorporates high and low references so frequently that few readers could catch them all.

Like Laxness, Hallgrímur has a dry humor, less developed in early novels but still present, that flies under the broad American radar.

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