101 Short Love Poems (Revised Edition)

This poe, 101 short love poems was inspired by the riter 's friendship with women and the day-by-day writing of these essay was achieved by moments of reverie and soul music moods. The main im of these essay is to be concise and comprehensible to;
1. The receiver, to feel the love in the ir, feel loved by the sender and to put a smile on his/her face.
2. The reader, also to feel the love in the ir, reminisce about his/her past/present love life and to put a smile on the face.
It has 81 love poems, 10 motivational and 10 apologetic love poems that can be used to boost love, morale and to seek reunion respectively among friends, families and lovers when shared. It can also be used to put up a good mood when read.
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Published October 8th 2013 by Smashwords Edition

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