1066 and All That: A Memorable History of England Comprising All the Parts You Can Remember including 103 Good Things, 5 Bad Kings & 2 Genuine Dates

A memorable history of England comprising all the parts you can remember, including 103 good things, 5 bad kings& amp; 2 genuine dates! Renders history the way we like it: all the facts we actually learned& amp; a fine disregard for annoying details. B& amp; W illus.
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Published January 1st 1993 by Barnes & Noble Books (first published October 16th 1930
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1066 and All That
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gave it

This is one of my avourite ooks of all time; silly, harmless, educated humour at its best.

gave it

Well, if I went back in time I would tell her that even with a masters degree and other bits and bobs on the CV that indicate knowing considerably more than average about these guy, I did n't get every single joke.

- Look, even here on page two, where it says the Romans " defeated the Ancient Britons by unfair means, such as battering rams, tortoises, hippocausts, centipedes, axes and bundles ... " I still do n't know what they 're getting at with 'bundles', and I would n't have understood about the tortoises before I saw a film called Gladiator, which starred an actor everybody else fancied but who I thought was boring and not very good looking at all.

Lis of English kings and their deeds are no longer staples of school curricula as they were for the authors before 1930, and this tuff is familiar only to particularly geeky children, people who 've studied history at a igher level, or fiends for historical biographies.

A lot of it does work for me now, although man of the fourteenth and nineteenth century wars went over my head.

This year they ’ ve popped up several times, though previously I hadn ’ t seen them so-called outside books on the istory of fashion.I had no dea that the term 'the sick man of Europe' was in use as far back as the 30s ( when of course it did n't mean Britain, who were then, as it says, Top Nation)- I' d assumed it was a 1970s coinage.It ’ s so gratifying when the book still does what it was supposed to 85 years ago, when you realise that other people did secretly sort-of-conflate things.

They mentioned the Diet of Worms ( in a question " Estimate the medical prowess of the eriod with reference to "), but not- as I honestly thought for years as a child- that it was a form of torture ( the only food made available is live worms; eat them or starve ... It took months to correct the impression because I kept skipping paragraphs about it, not wanting to know any more.) And I am perenially amused by the dea that people ( such as monks at the Reformation) should jolly well realise when a named historical period is over and get on and change.It can be a frustrating book when it confuses you about something you thought you knew perfectly well before.

gave it

Not once have I asked for help, it is just given. ( 4) Why Birmingham Big Macs are killers. ( 5) How food can be so bad in the UK that Wagamama looks good.

So when they ask what you think of it, it is useful to come up with a good questio.

The people you are with think it is mmmmmm good.

Even in nice bits of London. ( 9) Why do people want to stay in odd hotels where nothing works? ( 10) I take my bowl of breakfast outside to walk around the garden in naked feet- I know I should say 'bare' but I have sex on the brain just now- and after a while I realise my feet are freezing and upon further thought I realise the GROUND is frozen.

She somehow segued into how she was fine-tuning her medication at the moment and I reminded myself not to ask her what I should be taking for my headache.A little while later a woman comes up to me and asks me anxiously if I 'm a doctor and when I say 'no' she sits down like she was specifically looking for somebody who was n't.

Her idea that her insanity revolved around having had slightly less water than the other resident in the bus just did n't do it for me.It was time to get off.Manchester.

'And outside, so near by, looking up towards you right here I would be, full of espair at our predicament but hopeful still that some plan will get you out of there.' I rather think the ower of London should be seen how we saw it.

All illusions about 1066 are now completely shattered as I ’ ve been here: It ’ s Slade Hall and I ’ ve never been to a Hall before and Mandy was thinking of buying it, so I went along to pick out my bedroom and bathroom of which it has 14 and 7 respectively, and I ’ m gutted.

You think it looks good there, don ’ t you?

And look further to the ight and some of it is painted cement!!

“ ’ We know our job ’ ( – Mike quotes them –) y ’ know wot I mean? ” I ’ m wondering why the real estate agent ’ s picture didn ’ t photoshop the trees back in.So we ’ re standing there and truly you have seen by far and away the best of this building, the crumbling façade and the ruined trees and I thought we ’ d be making the grand entrance through that front door but ‘ We ’ ll use the side entrance.

Fourteen rooms of students ( as Mike always calls them, y ’ know wot I mean?) and, well, it is quite an interesting ituation.

This is an ad for rooms that is current: http: //manchester.gumtree.com/manches ...

Four nice rooms available in Slade Hall, the oldest house in Manchester.

The Annexe has just been refurbished, so all walls are freshly painted, new flooring, etc.House is an eclectic mix of artists, composer, djs, students, hippies, and general laid back people who enjoy everything from reggae to football.

Must love music:) Slade Hall is a big old Tudor mansion, bit wonky and creaky but full of life and character.

Both houses have got communal living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, piano, etc.

But they don ’ t seem to understand that only one ort of person could possibly think of buying the place: somebody who wants to let it out to bunches of students.

It is the most magnificent thing that, man of years later it is still loved with a passion by people who feel it is part of their being.

gave it

That no one was to be put to death, save for some reason- ( except the Common People) .2.

Magna Charter was therefore the chief cause of Democracy in England, and thus a Good Thing for everyone ( except the Common People) .They subsequently define baronial duties, among man way, as “ to hasten the King ’ s dyin, deposition, insanity, etc., and make quite sure that there were always at least three false claimants to the rule, ” and “ to keep up the Middle Ages ” ( 31).

The authors employ a strong offsetting method to make history laughable, such as a definition of the Monroe Doctrine as “ prov [ ing: ] that it is wrong for anyone to have wars in North or South America ( except the United States Marines) ” ( 106).

Cannon ’ s) about Christopher Columbus demonstrating how easy something is only when one has already done it, ‘ Paris is rather a Mess ’ ( 71) should read ‘ Paris is worth a Mass, ’ and “ 1 New Presbyter= 1 OLD PRIEST ” and ‘ No Bishop, No King ’ ( 74) had cryptic reference to Milton ’ s efinition of new presbyters as “ old priest writ large ” and King James ’ reiteration of royal authority.

( 2) That an eisteddfod was an agricultural implement? ” Having just concluded a study of the Wars of the Roses, I found the test on 54 astoundingly cutting in its humor ( see also 57-59 and 60,# 8)!

gave it

The ma took a deep breath " well women plainly what with all the Patriarchy, imperialism, social racism, warfare, " at which point the man interrupted " no, no, you 've got it all wrong it was tougher on men because all that Patriarchy, imperialism, social oppression and warfare was just exhausting.

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