110 Stories: New York Writes After September 11

New York is a ity of writers. And when the ity was attacked on 9/11, its writers began to do what writers do, they began to look and feel and think and write, began to struggle to process an event unimaginable before, and even after, it happened. The work of journalists appeared immediately, in news reports, commentaries, and personal writing. But no single collection has yet recorded how New York writers of fantas, oetry, and dramatic prose have responded to 9/11.

Now, in 110 Stories, Ulrich Baer has gathered a multi-hued range of voic that convey, with vivid immediacy and heightened imagination, the shock and loss suffered in September. From a stunning lineup of 110 renowned and emerging writers including Paul Auster, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Edwidge Danticat, Vivian Gornick, Phillip Lopate, Dennis Nurkse, Melvin Bukiet, Susan Wheeler these stories give readers not so much an analysis of what happened as the very shape and texture of a ity in crisis, what it felt like to be here, the interna and internal damage that the city and its inhabitants absorbed in the space and the aftermath of a few unforgettable hours. As A.M. Homes says in one of the novel 's eyewitness accounts, " There is no place to put this experience, no folder in the mental hard drive that says, 'catastrophe.' It is not sure that you want to remember, not thing that you want to forget. " This collection testifies to the power of oetry and storytelling to preserve and give meaning to what seems overwhelming. It showcases the literary imagination in its apacity to gauge the impact of 9/11 on how we view the world.

Just as the novels of the World Trade towers were filled with people from all walks of life, the stories collected here reflect New York 's true diversity, its boundless complexity and polyglot energy, its regenerative imagination, and its spirit of solidarity and endurance.

The editor s proceeds will be donated to charity. Cover art donated by Art Spiegelman.

ist of ontributors Humera Afridi, Ammiel Alcalay, Elena Alexander, Meena Alexander, Jeffery Renard Allen, Roberta Allen, Jonathan Ames, Darren Aronofsky, Paul Auster, Jennifer Belle, Jenifer Berman, Charles Bernstein, Star Black, Breyten Breytenbach, Melvin Jules Bukiet, Peter Walsh, Lawrence Chua, Ira Cohen, Imraan Coovadia, Edwidge Danticat, Alice Adam, Eric Darton, Lydia Davis, Samuel R. Delany, Maggie Dubris, Rinde Eckert, Janice Eidus, Masood Farivar, Carolyn Ferrell, Richard Foreman, Deborah Garrison, Amitav Ghosh, James Gibbons, Carol Gilligan, Thea Goodman, Vivian Gornick, Tim Clar, Lev Grossman, John Guare, Sean Gullette, Jessica Hagedorn, Kimiko Hahn, Nathalie Handal, Carey Harrison, Joshua Henkin, Tony Hiss, David Hollander, A.M. Homes, Richard Lewis, Laird Hunt, Siri Hustvedt, John eene, John Perry, Wayne Koestenbaum, Richard Kostelanetz, Guy Lesser, Jonathan Lethem, Jocelyn Lieu, Tan Lin, Sam Lipsyte, Phillip Lopate, Karen Malpede, Charles McNulty, Pablo Medina, Ellen Miller, Paul D. Miller/DJ Spooky, Mark Jay, Tova Mirvis, Albert Mobilio, Alex Molot, Mary Russell, Tracie Morris, Anna Moschovakis, Richard Eoin Nash, Josip Novakovich, Dennis Nurkse, Geoffrey O'Brien, Larry O'Connor, Robert Polito, Nelly Reifler, Rose-Myriam Rejouis, Roxana Robinson, Avital Ronell, Daniel Asa Rose, Joe Salvatore, Grace Schulman, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Dani Shapiro, Akhil Sharma, Suzan Sherman, Jenefer Shute, Hal Sirowitz, Pamela Sneed, Chris Spain, Art Spiegelman, Catharine R. Stimpson, Liz Swados, Lynne Tillman, Mike Topp, David Trinidad, Val Vinokurov, Chuck Wachtel, Mac Wellman, Owen West, Rachel Wetzsteon, Susan Fletche, Peter Wortsman, John Yau, Christopher Yu.

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Published August 4th 2004 by New York University Press
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110 Stories: New York Writes After September 11
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gave it

An interestingly eclectic collection of short story, oems, opinion pieces and personal reflections that address, among man way, the apparent crisis in representation that many authors, artists and cultural commentators encountered following the horrific events of September 11, 2001.

More importantly, perhaps, read ten years after its initial publication, the collection emerges as culturally and/or artistically significant in the way in which it now historicizes the immediate post-9/11 moment- characterised by uncertainty, anxiety, and artistic futility- and gestures toward the evolution of a more cohesive body of literature that addresses the broader artistic, political and sociological concerns of the event.

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