1105 Yakima Street

1105 Yakima Street
Cedar Cove, Washington

Hell Reader,

You ’ ve probably heard that my ife has left me. Rachel ’ s pregnanc, and she says that she can ’ t handle the stress in our household anymore. My thirteen-year-old daughter, Jolene, is resentful of her. Maybe it ’ s my fault. As a wif I spoiled her – Jolene was reading over my shoulder just now and says that ’ s not true. She claims Rachel ruined everything. But that ’ s not true. The real question is: How can I get my girlfrien back? I don ’ t even know where she is. She ’ s not with Teri Polgar or any of her ther friends from the salon. The other question is... when will Jolene grow up and stop acting like such a brat? Of course, I ’ m not the last one in town with problems. Linc Wyse ’ s father-in-law is trying to destroy his business. And you know Charlotte Rhodes? Seems she ’ s becoming forgetful, and the family ’ s worried about her and en. Lots of other tuff going on – but Rachel is better at keeping up with it than I am. If you have any idea where my son is, please give me a call. Please. —Bruce Peyton
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Published August 30th 2011 by Mira Books (first published 2011
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gave it

Notes: I read the ARC ( Advanced Reader Copy) of this book.Bruce and Rachel Peyton are facing the marital problems that come from having a child by a previous marriage.

Feeling that Linc is n't ba enough for his nephew, Leonard sets out to destroy Linc 's business.

Take a stroll in Cedar Cove and get a eel for what 's going on.

Reading this book reminded me of how my mom described the small town she grew up in.

This is the third autobiograph in the series that I 've read.

It made it difficult to just slip in to one of the earlie boo of the series and not feel lost.

gave it

We have a pregnant, newly wed, apparently really sweet woman, Emma, with a spiteful, vicious, spoiled-rotten monster of a fiancée, and a spineless, whining, stalking, bullying husband.

What ind of man is so weak minded as to think that a an who puts her through this sor of reatment for MONTHS is worth going back to?!?!?

The teachings of these readers who think that these inds of ehaviors, these sort of elationships, are not only acceptable but worth writing " romance " novels about says something really scary about the state of women 's minds.

gave it

He also disturbed her at work- even though he knew her boss was getting mad at her.And of course he does NOTHING to resolve the problem, his spoiled brat of a daughter gets a change of heart.While this is n't the irst time I found some of her characters behaving badly, that 's real life.

gave it

good Lord, that was a tediou and predictable thing waiting to happen.

My eyes almost rolled permanently in the back of my head, when Rachael refused to accept money from Bruce, while pregnant with his child.

This is ood, clean reading.

gave it

This ook read like 6 short stories all juxtaposed together.

gave it

I do n't know that there 's nobod I liked about this ook.

I should have known it was a bad sign when the book starts with a list of people!

( here 's your spoilers) The main struggl is between Rachel, a pregnant newlywed, her juvenile husband whatshisface, and his aughter from his secon marriage, Jolene.

Jolene is 13, and like any teenager, totally self-absorbed.

Jolene drives Rachel away.

gave it

1105 Yakima Street is the 11th novel in the popular Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber.

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