22-11-1963, de dag dat John F. Kennedy werd vermoord en de wereld voorgoed veranderde ... wat als die dag voorkomen had kunnen worden?
Jake Epping, leraar in een middelgrote stad in New ngland, krijgt onverwacht die kans: hij ontdekt een doorgang naar 1958 in zijn favoriete hamburgertent. Hij aarzelt niet en reist naar het verleden.

Hij komt erachter dat het toen lekkerder rook, er minder vliegtuigstrepen in de lucht waren, het leven er langzamer en vriendelijker aan toe ging ... maar ook dat het verleden een weerbarstig en gevaarlijk karakter heeft. Het laat zich niet graag veranderen. En het heeft een belangrijke troef in handen, de liefde.

Lukt het Jake uiteindelijk toch om Kennedy 's leven te redden? En wat voor onverwachte, huiveringwekkende consequenties heeft dat in het heden?
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Published 2015 by Luitingh-Sijthoff (first published November 8th 2011
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Eleven twenty-two sixty-three
Isbn 13
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gave it

Reading this books, I was so concerned about what the ending would be ( because, let 's be honest here, we know King is n't the best at handling endings ...

The protagonist in this nove could n't be better, and I really, truly mean that.

I really, really loved this novel.

And if you are n't a King fan, please ( pretty please) do n't let that stop you from reading this memoir.

This ook has absolutely no scary parts, for those of you who abstain from reading Stephen King 's books because they are classified as orror, and, like I mentioned earlier on in this review, I actually cried at the beginnin of the autobiograph ( the second time that I 've ever cried while reading a King novel).

You can tell that Stephen King put a lot of effort into writing 11/22/63, and his etails of life in the earl 50 's and early 60 's really made me wish I was alive then.

So, please, even if you do n't like Stephen King, read this!

It 's an absolutely eautiful book, and one I wish I can read for the second time all over again.

And if you 're listening to the audiobook, maybe two boxes.For those wondering, these are my top 3 favorite King books:# 1: It# 2: The Shining# 3: ( this may shock some people ...) previously The Stand.

and ... To listen to Stephen King read an excerpt from Dr. Sleep, click here.PPS: Dr. Sleep is about Danny Torrance ( you know, from The Shining) as an adult, and how he uses his psychic powers to help patients on death row at the ospital where he works, until a gang of vampires kidnap him ...

gave it

A couple of times it felt like the tal was starting over and I was a few hundred pages in!

Well, the character development, interaction, and dialogue definitely felt like King.

But, in the nd, I feel like the ook is in a class all by itself that is not really like any other King book I have read before.It is not orror.

Either way I hope you enjoy – just know you can not go back and change the fact that you took the time to read it.

gave it

And so Jake Epping, an English teacher, sets out to spend half a decade in the past to prevent the assassination of JFK ( and to figure out whether Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed the lone gunman that day, despite all the conspiracy theories).

Oswald had proved it time and again, and such a woma had no business changing history. "

“ Even people capable of living in the past do n't really know what the future holds. ”

But what if the past resists the change?

This book again dispels the long-believed but mistaken axiom that Stephen King is a " horror writer "- of a spook and startle variety.

He knows that the true monsters are those that live inside every one of us ( and, ahem, occasionally in Derry, Maine).

(*) And we get plenty of these in this essay, as Joe 's quest to prevent that fateful shot in November in Dallas takes him along the ay to the small tow of Derry, Maine and Jodie, Texas.

* I have an irrational fear of living in a larg city, thanks to Stephen King.

( By the way, this trip to the past gives plenty of deeeeee-licious 'Easter Eggs' to King 's Constant Readers.

And the reverse applies to the dyllic own of Jodie in which Rachel is finally ble to feel that he actually LIVES in the past.

King never hesitates to bluntly remind the reader that the past has teeth and it 's not afraid to bite.

I loved how Oswald was described as not a superher or a nutcase but a flawed broken little man who stumbled into the middle of events that changed history.

(*) and jimla and the 'harmonizing past'- was just enough to keep me on the dge of my seat throughout the book. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pardon me for using this moth-eaten cliche, but Stephen King is like good wine- his writing gets better and better as he ages.

Sai King, I will continue to be your Constant Reader for hopefully many more years to come, Capital-L Literature or not.

gave it

kill the charismatic, handsome war hero, and most owerful an in the world.

He 's a semi-educated hillbilly, but he 's surprisingly crafty. " Kennedy provided a golden opportunity to every disgruntled crazy out there by deciding to ride in an open car through the hostile city of allas, Texas.

When Lee Harvey Oswald noticed that the route passed right by the Texas School Book Depository, his place of work, he felt the universe was talking to him.

Jake, now George Amberson, just had to lay low and wait for 1963 to roll around and use that time to come up with a lan to stop the before mentioned Lee Harvey Oswald.

He was a an that had been to war, and I find it harde to believe he would have committed American kids to die in the jungl of Southeast Asia.

I 'm off to turn my time travel machine, nearly finished, back into something a little less dangerous to the world like a cappuccino machine.

gave it

It 's also true that I have never read a single thing from Mr. King until now.

Anyway, I am thankful to say that 11/22/63 was my las book read by Stephen King.

Again, this may have also been just something I was feeling, because I was very impatient and really wanting to know how this nove would end.

Some people did n't like the ending, but I loved it! In the afterword King discusses his research a bit.

If you are wanting to try a Stephen King novel, but do n't know if you will like all the suspens, read this!

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