11th Hour

Lindsay Boxer is pregnant at last! But her work does n't slow for a thir. When millionaire Chaz Smith is mercilessly gunned down, she discovers that the murder weapon is linked to the deaths of four of San rancisco 's most untouchable criminals. And it was taken from her own department 's evidence locker. Anyone could be the killer- even her closest friends.

Norris is called next to the most bizarre crime scene she 's ever witnessed: two bodiless heads elaborately displayed in the arden of a world-famous actor. Another head is unearthed in the arden, and Lindsay realises that the ground could hide hundreds of victims.

A reporter launches a series of malicious articles about the cas and Lindsay 's personal life is laid bare. But this time she has no one to turn to- especially not Joe.
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Published May 7th 2012 by Little, Brown and Company
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11th hour
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gave it

This late spring annual audiobook entry has been a mainsta of my drives across country to our place in the hills of southern California.

The swampy bayous of southern ouisiana.

The waving prairie grasses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

gave it

One of your good series keeps flowing and has this reader wanting more.

gave it

I love these books because you can easily sit and read these books in a matter of three hours because of the short chapte.

gave it

Someone, likely a rogue cop, is taking out notorious drug dealersThat 's all I 'll say about the toryline, as I do n't want to give away spoilers.Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how well-written this book was.

These are the only James Patterson books I will read, as I do n't care for how he uses about 40 chapters to make it seem like it was a book worth paying for.

gave it

Plus, I 'm dam sure they would n't allow a pregnant female officer to put herself into harms way the way Owen had.

The vigilante officer case was ok, but I almost wanted to see someone we had met in the book be the vigilante, but not Jacobi of course since I love his elationship with Lindsay too much, but someone not as huge of a haracter that we have met before.

gave it

Chaz Smith, a businessma, was gunned down and Lindsey discovers the murder weapon is linked to the deaths of four of San Fransisco 's most untouchable criminals.

More heads are discovered in his garden.Another dual storyline in this 11th book in the omen 's Murder Club series.

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