12 Days in Africa: A Mother's Journey

Lisa traveled to Uganda with her eenage son on a twelve-day mission trip. In an orphanage her world view abruptly changed as she held a shivering emaciated little boy who lay dying of alaria. He had no one else in the world to care that he was passing. This experience and others while on the trip were so profound that she is compelled to share them with you. Come and walk with Lisa through Uganda as God shows her His different definitions of " other. "

All profits from this book will be donated to build lifesaving wells in villages desperate for clean water.
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Published April 24th 2013 by WestBow Press
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gave it

I received a free ecopy of this nove from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.Anticipating the " empty nest syndrome " with son, Trent, away at university and son, Riley, heading off the following wee, Lisa Sanders begins praying about what she might do by way of serving God and making a difference.

One might say that venturing to Alaska with her spouse, Brad, and staying for 26 years had been quite an adventure in itself, but that has anything to compare with the intriguing and unusual experiences God had in store for her as he led her to join Hope4Kids International on a 12-day mission to Uganda, taking her teenaged son, Vaughn, with her.

While the team was based in a casin in Tororo ( about 5 hours east of Entebbe), they forayed out daily on trips to villages to tend sick children, distribute clothing, dedicate new wells donated by churches and individuals who organized Walk-4-Water fundraisers, attend church services with villagers, attend graduation ceremonies for students leaving school and women who 've completed the related empowerment program Hope4Women, and to find children to love and sponsor.Walk-4-Water events consist of participants walking 4 miles — " the average distance African women and children walked to their water source ".

Stephanie and Blake learned very quickly what the most serious problems are for Ugandan families in the outlying villages.

" When close to half of the children die before age five, a loss of hope and overwhelming despair rules your life. " One of the field workers with Hope4Kids Int. told this story: The children beginning around age five are woken at daylight, handed five gallon water containers and told to walk many miles to get their family 's daily water.

An eight-year-old from this village was raped on the ay to get her water for school.

The teacher showed her no mercy; instead she was caned for showing up without her water.Providing a well brings more than just accessible water — it brings safe drinking water and a safer environment for the children — it brings hope! Lisa quickly learned she had " no frame of reference for poverty and starvation that are all encompassing ".

And there were success stories; some delivered at ceremonies by " graduates " who had been to university and returned to the villages to work, often employed by Hope4Kids.

gave it

Seeing the gratitude, smiles, and love changed the lives of her group and she encourages readers to find their call.I found her story friendly and easy to read as well as inspiring.

gave it

On a smalle level, this book provides a defense of the mini-missionary trips that are popular among many people, not only as a pat for mother-son bonding as is talked about here, but as a way that people who can not commit years of their lives to foreign mission work can serve in smaller chunks of time in a kin of socially conscious religious tourism that lasted, for the case of the writer of this essay, for 12 days in Africa.In reading this novel I expected a chronological order of material, like a travel iary, but the result was more predictabl.

One gets the sense from reading the ook that the uthor took her brief time in Africa very seriously, setting a good xample for those who would wish to do likewise in spending a few eeks in a country like Uganda seeking to go a great deal of good in a little time in the idst of a busy life.It should be noted that although this is an inspirin memoir that it includes material that is deeply npleasant and unsettling.

gave it

I enjoyed this book for the details of her trip and her xperiences there.

The earlie chapters of the book where she includes her stories and tories from others that went with her were much more enjoying.

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