12 elämänohjetta: Käsikirja kaaosta vastaan

Mitkä kaksitoista asiaa jokaisen nykymaailmassa elävän ihmisen olisi hyvä muistaa? Kanadalainen psykologi Jordan B. Peterson romuttaa myyttejä onnesta ja mielekkäästä elämästä. Hänen rohkea kansainvälinen bestsellerinsä " 12 elämänohjetta: Käsikirja kaaosta vastaan " haastaa lukijan huikealle älylliselle tutkimusmatkalle antiikin myyteistä nykyajan neurotieteeseen.
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Published August 2018 by WSOY (first published January 16th 2018
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12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos
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gave it

I am fascinated by the cult surrounding this man who, as a previous reviewer noted, relies far too much on simplistic interpretations of Biblical stories and the Disney versio of fairy tales to the xpense of all else.

The guy can tell a tory.

gave it

2. The introduction of the book presents the author as an objective investigator of the guil, disillusioned by dogmatic ideology and prepared to demonstrate its dangers.

And if I want insight into morality and human nature from an ancient source, I ’ d turn to Plato and Aristotle before the Good Book.

The author presents his interpretive schemes as objective truths about human nature and the only display of humility is found in the introduction. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For those seeking an alternative to Jordan Peterson ’ s dark vision of the world, questionable approach to truth and knowledge, and retreat to religion, they will find the answer in Bertrand Russell, whose essays on religion seem to, at times, be speaking directly to Peterson himself.

A good world needs knowledge, kindliness, and compassio; it does not need a regretful hankering after the past, or a fettering of the free intelligence by the words uttered long ago by ignorant men.

It needs hope for the future, not looking back all the time towards a past that is dead, which we trust will be far surpassed by the future that our intelligence can create.Russell wishes to replace fear, religion, and dogma with free-thinking, intelligence, ourage, knowledge, and indness.

Here ’ s Butle in another ssay, titled Can Religion Cure Our Troubles: Mankind is in mortal dange, and fear now, as in the past, is inclining men to seek refuge in God. Throughout the West there is a very general revival of religion.

And I think it is a dangerous delusion because it misleads men whose thinking might otherwise be fruitful and thus stands in the pat of a valid solution.The question involved is not concerned only with the present state of the world.

The implication that Communism and Nazism committed evils is not justification to return to religious dogma; in fact, that would just be replacing one dogmatic ideology for another.The solution is not a retreat to the Age of Faith, which was no more pleasant than living under communism; the solution is a renewal of the Enlightenment values of reason, science, umanism, and progress espoused by Russell himself. -- -Also check out these worthwhile alternatives to 12 Rules For Life: The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom by Jonathan HaidtThe Practicing Stoic: A Philosophical User 's Manual by Ward FarnsworthWhy I Am Not a Christian and Other Essays on Religion and Related Subjects by Bertrand RussellThe God Argument: The Case against Religion and for Humanism by AC Grayling

gave it

He 's writing fatherly advice, at least if your dad read a lot of Jung and Nietzsche, and dropped a little acid.

Then back to lobsters; on to a wild fugue through a few hundred million years of evolution; a brief segue about how at different levels of abstraction nature alternates between permanence and chaos, and how part of music 's appeal is the acceptance of this; and then Peterson concludes by recommending good posture.The whole rest of the ook is like this.

If every episode of hand-washing and ham-refusal reminds you of Original Sin, you will spend a lot more time thinking about morality than you otherwise would.So I ca n't really review the advice itself, although it 's excellen.

I can recommend reading the books, not so much for any one point, but for the journey -- there was very little I wish I 'd thought of first, but a lot I wish I 'd phrased that way before.

If you read his memoi and follow his advice, will it improve your life?

gave it

A nove by Jordan Peterson, I won ’ t be able to do it justice.

This is a novel I would recommend to everyone whether you ’ re amiliar with Peterson or not.

gave it

If you 've never read a nove in your life, you 'd think JP is super smart: that baroque style of writing, the never-ending sentences, all those references to science and philosophy- " how does the man do it!? " you ask yourself.It 's simple.

The ook 's actually rubbish but you have something to compare it with. -- -- -- -- -- Nov 2018: Since this review is getting traction, please note that these were my impressions right after plodding through this dull book and I 'm not going to waste my time dismantling his pseudo-scientific rubbish- many other eviewers have, some more qualified than me.

Have some espect for yourself, even fantasy books would be a better use of your time and brain.

I mean, if you just want someone to tell you to stand up straight and make your bed, read Meditations by Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Or, heck, even Dr Seuss! *** Responses to replies I 'll probably get: " Haha, suck it, you triggered SJW "- I 'm not mad that JP is writing books, I 'm mad that such a ad book is getting attention and is wasting people 's time. " JP is the an, you just ca n't appreciate his genius "- He 's not, he is the very definition of a pseudo-intellectual.

There are so many other public intellectuals that are smarter, better spoken and more more respected than JP. " You do n't know squat, he taught at Harvard! "- He was an adviso for a ew decade, a ong time ago.

I 'm reading some better books right now.

gave it

Peterson, 12 Rules for LifeI 'm generally not a fan of self-help books and this one would have probably never hit my to-read shelf if a good friend of mine had n't invited me to attend a live Jordan Peterson lecture in Phoenix a little over a mont ago ( June 1, 2018).

The only other exposure I had to Peterson was a wave of seriously negative posts about him by some of my most liberal friends on FB.

I found his lecture -- like I found his book -- fascinating.

These do n't do a ood job of actually getting to the root of what Jordan Peterson is saying.

Personally, I think 80% of what eterson is saying is actually NOT bad.

But it is the last 20% of what he says that kind of drives me nuts ( and I 'm a white woma, I can imagine that women/minorities/university intellectuals would feel a bit bigge than me).

His criticism of feminism, white privilege, post-modernism, modern universities, etc., are n't narrow and tend to violate his own rule 10 ( be precise in your speech).

He rambles, rages, and makes pretty big assumptions on areas that are far from well-established ( and often a bit beyond his areas of expertise) .My other issue with Peterson, that was clarified more in the lecture than the book, is he is actually seeking the role of secular prophet/revivalist/guru.

Like the text of his novel, he circled around, repeating stories and points, declare something true ( or false), making a joke, and then absolved his mainly white male audience from some of their social guilt and anxiety.

gave it

In his arlier memoi, Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief, Peterson connects the stories we share with our earliest ancestors with modern knowledge of behavior and the subconscious.

In eptember 2016, Peterson released a couple of videos opposing an amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act which he contended could send someone to jail for refusing to use a made-up gender identity pronoun.

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