1222 is the tory of how a mall group of people find themselves stuck in a hotel during an apocalyptic snow storm. Following a dramatic train derailment at Finse, the struggle between the survivors escalates while a furious hurricane threatens the unprotected village. Nobody is there to help, and there is no way out of the inferno for the survivors hiding out. On the irst night at the ritz, a woma is found shot and murdered. The ictim is Cato Hammer, a priest known nation-wide for his ability – and desire – to get in the journal. Hanne Wilhelmsen, retired Inspector at the Oslo Police, is drawn into a race against time, a suspect, and the worst storm in the Norwegian alps on record. She loses the first round. Soon, another one of God ’ s servants is murdered, when an icicle cuts through his body…
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gave it

After finishing her latest book 1222, I can see why- and I will be hunting down her backlist.1222 features one of Chandler 's recurring characters- Hanne Wilhelmsen.

Oh, and she really does n't like people at all, even more so since her accident. 'It 's having people close to me that I find usefu.

I was perfectly happy sitting there, all by myself. " Hanne is on a train to see a specialist about her aralysis.

Hanne is recognized and reluctantly conscripted to the team that seems to be taking charge- a lawyer, a doctor, and the hotel manager.

The protagonist of Hanne was different, not a by the numbers detective.

Hanne herself notes " I thought about Agatha Christie 's And Then There Were None.

gave it

This is actually the third nove in the series, but the fourt to be translated into English—I can ’ t ait to read the others!

gave it

Please note: I read and reviewed this book in Dec. 2011.

Edit: I should point out I mentioned to someone that I had read only one book with a character to whom I had become strongly attracted, and that was this book and Magnus Streng.

End Edit I strongly recommend this memoir to people who enjoy a good mystery, suspense/thriller, or simply good writing – you won ’ t be disappointed – it is wonderful!

gave it

The writer Deb Caletti said, “ When you go looking for rescue, you end up trapped in your own weakness. ” For me, this captured the theme of Anne Holt ’ s “ 1222 “ the story that started on Wednesday, February 14, 2007 when train# 601, travelling from Oslo to Bergen derailed in the aftermat of a hurricane named “ Olga. ” Of the 269 people on board, only one perished as a esult of the ccident, the train conductor Einar Holter.

This is how Anne Holt described them: “ Self-confident young people in horrendously expensive clothes…stressed businessmen with top-of-the-range laptops, desperately trying to get an internet connection, screaming kids and middle aged women, a handball team of fourteen year old girls completely incapable of grasping the point of showing some consideration for others… ” This was the mainstream of the passengers, then there were others: The strang and unseen occupants of a special train car, protected by armed guards, a low key, quiet couple, assumed by Wilhelmsen to be Kurdish, who at a moment of apparent danger, both draw handguns, then quickly stashed them once the danger passed, and an unpredictabl, moody television personality named Kari Thue, who seemed determined to seize control, foisting her haphazard agenda on the group.

gave it

Result! Anne Holt herself used to work for the Oslo Police Department and was in fact Norway ’ s Minister for Justice back in the 90s.This is the most recent in her series of books featuring detective Hanne Wilhelmson, of which I believe there have been 8 books since 1993.

The tal starts slap bang ( no pun intended) in the train crashing just outside the station during a snowstorm.Only the driver dies in the acciden and all of the assengers are rescued and moved to a nearby hotel.

The story obviously centred in on just a handful ( there were probably about 15 main characters), and so there were thousands of people supposedly ‘ around ’ that were completely uninvolved in the storie but still in the isolated situation.Because of the dramatic start, and the very descriptive narrative, the unfamiliar landscape and situation and the hin at what was to come, I felt extremely drawn in from the book right from the first ew pages – and it didn ’ t let up!

gave it

Why do I keep getting talked into reading books like these? Yes, I get it, Hanne is an anti-hero.

Makes sense now doesn ’ t it?) Despite being gay, disabled, married to a Muslim, she still finds room to be totally repellent and prejudiced towards someone with Dwarfism ( i.e. the doctor Magnus Streng.) I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I read her characterisation of Streng but thought perhaps there would be a realisation/revelation by the main character Hanne, later in the books, that Streng “ is a human being too ” ( think Sesame Street).

The las explanation I kept reading this horribl book was to see why she wrote stuff like this: “ I myself was taken care of by the dwarf.

As it would be extremely impolite not to look at the doctor when he was speaking to me, and my closed eyes might suggest that I felt worse than I actually did, I opened them.

Except it ’ s more likely that Holt is actually a completely bigoted idiot.

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