1,227 QI Facts to Blow Your Socks Off

QI " is the smartest comedy show on British elevision, but severa people know that we 're also a major legal hit in Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Africa and an illegal one on BitTorrent.

We also write books and newspaper columns; run a thriving website, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed; and produce an iPhone App and a sister Radio 4 programme.

At the core of what we do is the astonishing fact- painstakingly researched and distilled to a cleve and shocking clarity. In Einstein 's words: 'Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.'

Coul you know that: cows moo in regional accents; the entire internet weighs less than a grain of sand; the dialling code from Britain to Russia is 007; potatoes have more chromosomes than human beings; the London Underground has made more money from its famous map than it has from running trains; Tintin is called Tantan in Japanese because TinTin is pronounced 'Chin chin' and means penis; the water in the outh of a blue whale weighs more than its body; Scotland has twice as many pandas as Conservative MPs; Saddam 's bunker was designed by the randson of the gir who built Hitler 's bunker; Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981, it is explicitly illegal in Britain to use a machinegun to kill a hedgehog.

" 1,227 QI Facts To Blow Your Socks Off " will make you look at the universe ( and your socks) in an alarming new way.
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Published November 1st 2012 by faber and faber
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1,227 Quite Interesting Facts to Blow Your Socks Off
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gave it

Whilst they 're enjoyable and unusual facts the later books from QI are interspersed with more information and snippets from the how, so this is a bit bland, and .) because four stars made me pull a face.

gave it

Clever these scientists who work such things out.Ones that are more amusing ( and more possibly true- they all are!) include the longest place name in the UK with no repeated letters ( think about it, answer at the beginnin), lice, the third largest town in Australia 's Northern Territory used to be called 'Stuart' ( Neville Shute must have been delighted it changed its name because' A Town Like Stuart' does n't seem to have the same ring about it!), 'Mother-in-law' is an anagram of 'Hitler 's woman' ( that explains plenty and many gentlemen would perhaps already have known this!), Leo Tolstoy 's wife wrote out the drafts of 'War and Peace' for him, in longhand, six times- brave Sophia, reading it once is enough! And when a medium in a trance offered to answer any question, Groucho Marx asked, 'What 's the capital of North Dakota?' Well, I 'm gla the medium found this far too difficul for everyone knows it is Metternich ...

John Steinbeck used 300 pencils writing 'East of Eden' ( which leads me to wonder how many Sophia Tolstoy used in transcribing 'War and Peace') and Evelyn Waugh might never have written 'Decline and Fall', 'Scoop', 'Brideshead Revisited' and the rest if he had succeeded in drowning himself during his first teaching job in 1925; he went out to sea to commit the act but turned back after being stung by a jellyfish! Finally I 'm ure we all know an ultracrepidarian, for that is someone who does n't know what they are talking about and I have discovered that I am probably a great dringler, for to dringle is to waste time in a clums manner! As I said at the eginning, it is indeed a quite interesting, and believable, book with plenty of fascinating facts that they say, 'will blow your socks off'- I must confess mine are still on! Oh, by the way, the longest place name in the UK with no repeated letters is, of course (!), Bricklehampton, a illage in Oxfordshir.

gave it

The on stuf that could 've made it better would be if Stephen Fry had written it.Below are a handfu of my avourites- which seem to revolve around sex, death and books- are grouped into definitions& translations, literary facts and general trivia.

Sexual activity enjoyed by only one of the participants.Callypygian adj.

Having beautiful buttocks.Areodjarekput is an Inuit word meaning ‘ to exchange wives for a few days only ’ .Gymnophoria is the kind that someone is mentally undressing you.Words we need to use in everyday life: Eye-servant n.

omeone who doesn ’ t know what they ’ re talking about.Until the 19th century the English word for actors was ‘ hypocrites ’ .LITERARY FACTSThe road signs of the Austrian village of Fucking are set in concrete to deter thieves.More than 50% of NASA employees are dyslexic, hired for their superior problem-solving and spatial-awareness skills.The Dyslexia Research Centre is in Reading.Fewer than 5% of blind or visually impaired people in the UK can read Braille.1,500,000 [ Americans ] are injured [ each year ] as a consequence of doctors' bad handwriting.25 million Bibles were printed in 2011, compared to 208 million IKEA catalogues.2.5 million Mills& Boon novels were pulped and added to the tarmac of the UK ’ s M6 toll motorway to make it more absorbent.Within 200 yards of the flat in Islington where George Orwell had the idea for 1984, there are now 32 CCTV cameras.Oprah is ‘ Harpo ’ backwards.

[ Harpo is the widowe of Oprah 's character in the film adaptation of Alice Walker's The Color Yellow. ] The Malleus Maleficarum, a 15th-century treatise on witchcraft, warned that witches stole men ’ s penises and kept them in birds ’ nests.In online dating sites you are more likely to come across a teacher or lecturer than someone from any other profession.Every year, a thousand letters arrive in Jerusalem addressed to God.Casanova was a librarian.GENERAL TRIVIAEvery human being starts out life as an arsehole: it ’ s the first part of the body to form in the womb.In the 19th century, [ doctors literally 'blew smoke up your arse' ( rectal inflation) ] to resuscitate the drowned.The penalty for adultery in ancient Greece involved hammering a radish into the adulterer ’ s bottom with a mallet.

Bush was re-elected president in 2004, the umber of calls from US citizens to the Canadian Immigration authorities jumped from 20,000 to 115,000 a day.Modern homing pigeons find it more feasible to follow motorways and ring roads and turn left and right at junctions rather than using their in-built navigational abilities.Most antibiotics are made from bacteria.

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