123 versus ABC

Mike Boldt 's bright and playful picture book asks a big question: Which is more mportant, numbers or letters?

Numbers and letters, the whimsica characters in this tale, compete to be the sta of this ook. Their debate escalates when funny animals and props arrive—starting with 1 alligator, 2 bears, and 3 cars. Who is this book really about?

In the nd, the nswer is clear. This fresh and funny picture book plays with both numbers and letters in the most evocative way.
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Published June 25th 2013 by HarperCollins
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gave it

letter war story.

gave it

The cover full of brightly colored animals with the letter A and the number 1 smiling as they ready to begin their “ epic battle ” to see who the book is really about.

The tory goes through numbers 1-26 and letter A-Z with fun images connecting them together.

You could even make a list with columns for letters and numbers and have your class fill in things that they find on each column as you read.

gave it

One Two Three Versus ABC is book of not only numbers, but only letters!

The dea is fine, helping kids learn both numbers and letters, but honestly I think it ’ s a little too much.

gave it

The numbers immediately make an argument for their case by using the fact that there is 1 alligator; however, the letters also make a credible case by pointing out that 'alligator' begins with the letter' A'; soon, 2 bears arrive in 3 cars, followed by 4 dinosaurs holding 5 eggs, etc.

gave it

Happily, they are both right in this mash up of an alphabet and counting book that is cleve, silly and a romp of a read.Boldt manages to make a counting and alphabet book that has a real freshness to it.

Boldt makes good use of white space throughout the ook, allowing the mix of alphabet and numbers space to breathe on the age, something that becomes particularly important as the pages get more crowded.Fresh and funny, this is one clever mash-up of ABCs and 123s that will appeal to every child who likes a lot of laughs.

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