1/27: An ICoS Anthology

January 27, 2027- One day around the world.

Weeks after the ast age of the In the Company of Shadows series, seven stories show glimpses of the lives of fifteen characters, scattered across the globe. In Dubli, an unexpected reunion takes a terrible turn. In ustralia, the tides are changing while those involved never stop watching. In exico, fear brings uncertainty into a once strong relationship. And in the United States, worlds are about to collide.

1/27 answers the important question: What happens next?
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Published March 29th 2014
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1/27: An ICoS Anthology
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gave it

But they PLAN stories out so well.

What I did NOT expect was for it to actually open up an entire can of worms and 1000 ’ s more questions about these characters!

THEY MUST! “ 1/27 ” is a spinof of bits about many of the ICoS characters and what each of them was doing, on the same ay, after they escaped the Agency at the beginnin of Fade.

Well…read the author ’ s notes at the beginnin and you ’ ll see! So fun, so cute, so satisfying…but would have LOVED a Luke Gerant story (!!!) and a little bit of Hsin& Boyd smexy ... just sayin' ...

gave it

Hope for sequel!!!

Sooner than later I hope! The nd of Fade broth tears to my yes.

But still I could n't let myself read 1/27: An ICoS Anthology because I did n't want it to be over.

I am happy I got to read it shortly after Fade and it really cured my broken heart.

gave it

I feel like a huge lion roaring: MOOOOOORRREEEE!!!! What in the world was that?!! This anthology cleverly made us see how our friends are doing.

Because this short anthology fellas, combined with that sick Author 's Note..Just got me more intrigued, addicted, curious, sucked in, excited, wanting and whatever else!!! I was sooo happy and elated for one moment thinking that there 'd be more!

I 'm not sure if this solution of letting the reader 's imagination wonder what happens next and wait if there 's ore to come is better than just tying everything up in a neat ending and a walk in a sunset..Do n't get me wrong cuz I damn am grateful for this wonderful one of a kind reading experience..But I do hope/wish/pray that I have n't really seen the last of them yet.

gave it

No, pissed is not enough- I ’ m fucking LIVID!

And I can ’ t elp it; it ’ s an obsessive disorder that fucking cripples me and I just can ’ t stop! I read about a blonde haired twink?

I read about a an with dark air and reen eyes?


I automatically pair it with a scene or character from ICoS- yes, every song- and when it doesn ’ t fit?

It crossed the boundaries into my RL more than a mont ago and it has never fucking left!

This was supposed to be my fond farewell … I should be feeling relief, I should be filled with gratified nostalgia, my heart should be full of ove and longing and my body sated from the release of months of tension and worry.

I loved every single one of these tories and dammit all I felt alive, these characters – all of them – make me feel so fuelled and pumped that I could, could …I don ’ t know, participate in a drive-by or something?

To the uthor ’ s I want to say fuck you and thank you and I love you all in the same breath.

But it 's still the best stuf I 've read all year.

gave it

I was surprised with how much I still remembered the whole cast of character, and the events they alluded to within the series.The anthology is around 40,000 words long, consisting of short stories with characters that we all know and love ( or hate).

In this way, the anthology is more focus on the overall cast and not just on the two main MCs of the series), and some of the dialogue felt a little " speechy " ( e.g. one character having non-stop paragraphs of things to say).

gave it

After reading this Anthology I feel so relieved that my favorite character of ICoS are well ...

Now I have some nswers and more questions! Thank you so much Sonny& Ais, you gave me some rest and more anxiety, but you also gave me the incentiv to " see " again two of my avorite couples ever!

gave it

I love dual POV ’ s.

This is multiple POV ’ s.

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