13 Envelopes Azuis

Um romance leve, escrito por uma autora de vários bestsellers, ideal para qualquer pessoa que goste de uma boa história cheia de aventura, amor e família.
Ginny é uma jovem que depende da sua tia Peg, uma excêntrica artista de Nova Iorque, para manter a vida excitante.
Mas um dia, sem qualquer aviso, a tia Peg parte para a Europa, até que um terrível telefonema vem mudar tudo, e Ginny recebe um envelope azul, enviado pela tia Peg, com mil dólares, um bilhete de avião e umas estranhas instruções ... um romance a não perder ...!
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Published March 6th 2018 by IN (first published August 23rd 2005
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13 Little Blue Envelopes
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gave it

If you mention a small detail like this, it should be important later.

It would 've been differnt if we never saw her leave the Louvre because the reader could then assume she retrieved it.This was not the only scene that did this kind of hing.

gave it

The way Mille writes is annoying; more than halfway into the book, I really did n't know EVERYTHING about the main characters, other than that she was on a ( hilariou) journey.

The main villai was not believabl.

And never very insightful ones ( ie " I like this gir!

gave it

To start with the book has an utterly implausible set up, improbable love story, MC that is borderline stupid ....

Until I got very angry.Until this book stole my good vibes and drained what little energy I had left.

Envelope 6 tells her to head to the emple of the vestal virgins in Rome, and Ginny thereafter, remarks the following to herself ...

Retarded has become synonymous with offensively describing someone with a ental illness and I am appalled that a YA author saw fit to use such a descriptor in her books.

Do not casually throw in a word such as that as some kin of eans to show that the lead haracter is self-deprecating/ experiencing anxiety etc.

YA books must be held to a higher standard because of their inability to influence young minds that are just figuring out this world for the first time.And to add insult to injury in the same chapter that this offensive word appears, there is an attempted robbery by what are described as gypsy children and I 'm like no.

And it 's rare that I ever say such things as I usually can see the potential in a book for a particula type of reader ...

gave it

eventeen year old Ginny Blackstone goes on a rip to Europe sponsored by her deceased unt.

In fact, during the last eleven years of Ginny 's life Peg was in Europe.

Aunt Peg has left Ginny mysterious envelopes that she 's not allowed to open all at once and strange instructions to travel around Europe.Mr. and Mrs. Disappearstone allow their seventeen year old daughter -- their only child -- to go traipsing around Europe.

They 're not even allowed to give her extra money so they know there 's a back up plan in case Mrs. Disapperancestone 's unreliable sister who died from a brain tumor several months before has n't provided Ginny with everything she might need for this spur of the moment trip.

I would have told my fathe that Aunt Peg was mentally unstable when she was healthy and thrown the envelopes into a fire place before I let her go off on some half-baked adventure across Europe.

No sane parent would ever let their child go on the trip Ginny did.

Mourn for it.While I think this book was better suited for 20-something chick-lit I also do n't think Maureen Johnson has the stomach to ever do the sex scene that would have more likely than not happened if she had n't been writing about a dewy-eyed Virgin.

The novel *gasp* started with a non-virginal teenager.Anyway, Ginny 's adventures are very uncoordinated.

I get that the unt made Ginny 's trip mimic her own eccentric path across Europe, but I should have felt there was some master intention from the writer 's point of view rather than constantly imagining Maureen Johnson throwing a dart at a map of Europe and going 'okay, time to buy a travel book for that country! 'The writing was, unfortunately, not top notch.

Why did you waste my time with that scene if it meant nothing? Ginny also gets put in a near date-rape situation from following her aunt 's advice to hit on a random Italian boy.

The romance felt like requisite met because it was a YA coming of age novel rather than somethin that actually fit with the bestsellin.

gave it

So what 's not to love about a coming of age tal that involves lots and lots of traveling? It 's a toug uestion to answer, and the quickes way to answer it is: Aunt Peg is one seriously bitter person.She lives without having constants.

The next news they get from her is that she is dead.Then comes a letter instructing her niece to go to Europe without money, cell phone or any other means of communication- just a passport and a backpack, and instructions to do all orts of weird things Ginny ( the mother) is probably not comfortable with.

The last person who can be more annoying is the ne who actually does it! Unfortunately, Ginny does just that.

A lot of things seem not worth mentioning in the novel, for example, why is Ginny not even remotely worried that her mother 's mystic journey might get her adbucted or killed or sold into slavery?

Ginny just lets stuff happen to her and leaves it at that.

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