13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi

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Published September 30th 2014 by Twelve (first published September 9th 2014
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13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi
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gave it

It is a graphic account of the 13 hours from start to end of the ttacks.

Strongest recommendation for anyone interested in history, the warrior, current events! 5 Stars for 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi, the tory of the six Annex Security Team members who ran to the ound of gunfire on 9/11/12 in Benghazi.

This is a tightly-knit account of what happened from the first terrorists entering the Special Mission Compound, the attac on the CIA Annex and concludes when all the Americans have flown out.

If you saw the TV special with 3 of the team members, you will still learn much more from the bestselling.

They left the Annex against “ stand-down ” orders from a senior member of the onsite team.

Until this account, I had no idea what the other Americans were doing, where they were or how they survived in the attack that killed the ambassador and the communications expert.It is scandalous that this tal is only coming out 2 years after the event.

gave it

My boyfriend picked this nove up from our local library as he stays up to date on all military news stuff, I on the other hand know who we are at war with and about big news stories, but other than that sadly not so much.

gave it

The Annex was guarded by six Global Response Staff ( GRS) contractors hired by the FBI.

These contractors, all of whom were former military men ( including two Navy SEALs), instantly wanted to go to the id of the diplomatic compound.

During the evenin, they fought off two brief, fierce attacks, then were subjected to a ferocious mortar attack, which killed one of the six members of the Annex team, along with another GRS contractor who ’ d come from Tripoli to help.

With minimal setup, briefly summarizing Libya ’ s long, fraught history, including recent upheavals that killed longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi, Zuckoff plunges us into the battle.13 Hours is lifted by Zuckoff ’ s novelistic flair and eye for pertinent detail.

Whereas Michael Bay ’ s film adaptation of 13 Hours presented a siege on the scale of a Libyan Alamo or Rorke ’ s Drift, the account found in the books is far more precise, without any action-movie hyperbole.As I alluded above, however, the Battle of Benghazi presents difficulties that do not exist in narratives about – for example – Gettysburg or Iwo Jima.

Zuckoff shares the byline of 13 Hours with the embers of “ the Annex Security Team, ” meaning that the main subjects are also co-authors ( though I ’ m guessing Zuckoff took care of the rose).

Nevertheless, it certainly feels like the majority of 13 Hours comes solely from the finding of the five contractors, all of whom operated on the same team, and ost of whom were close together the hole of the ight.

Here, one big example is the so-called stand down order, in which the White House allegedly commanded “ Bob, ” the pseudonymous CIA Chief of Station, to “ stand down ” rather than allow GRS to immediately go to the Diplomatic Compound to rescue Ambassador Stevens.

There is no pat to prove that the GRS contractors could have saved Ambassador Stevens, despite the delay ( they eventually made their way to the compound).

Yet in presenting Bob as giving or relaying this order, Zuckoff creates a villain far more nefarious than the savage, faceless mob of Libyans.

Clearly, Bob did not participate in 13 Hours.

Based on what I ’ ve seen elsewhere, Zuckoff did reach out to him, but Lyle did not want to cooperate.

It ’ s sufficient to think he wanted 17 February in on the rescue mission, so that he wasn ’ t simply plunging American military personnel into a gun-battle in a foreign city.The contractors are clearly men who know their jobs.

This is not exactly a nuanced worldview, and certainly far more subtl than the actual situation in which ob was attempting to maneuver.

Dann eventually released a statement denying the Zuckoff/Annex Team version.

This is important because 13 Hours, intentionally or not, arbitrarily divides the American participants of the Benghazi attacks into distinct categories ( the Libyan participants are entirely ignored).

13 Hours could have been written to recognize that this night did not belong solely to the GRS.

gave it

In case you aren ’ t familiar with the characte ( if you have no idea what this book is about do everyone in the U.S. a favor and refrain from voting in the next election – I don ’ t really care which way individuals swing, but people who know nothing about pretty in-your-face news events scare the rap out of me) it goes a lil ’ something like this: Libya is an itty bitty country in Africa that has a deadly combo of a lot of money and a history of political strife.

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens so happened to be in Benghazi on a most historic anniversary – that of September 11th.

Residing in a “ secret ” location called the Compound, Ambassador Stevens was surrounded by State Department staff.

They ’ re smart people, but smart doesn ’ t outsmart a bullet. ”

When the poo hit the fan and the gates of the main Compound were flooded with dozens of armed men it was those men who risked their lives when the hired help ( and pretty much anything else) failed to save the day.

well because generally I read my movies.

gave it

It 's written by Mitchell Zuckoff, an author i knew that can write a gripping non-fiction narrative, so, just based on the author i decided to read this one.

Me, the ignorant fool, did n't know about the detail of the incident, so it read like a gripping thriller, only it was a real thing.

Recommended for those who want read a first hand account of this Benghazi incident, just that, bullshit accounts about the ther things can be found somewhere else.

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