13 minuten

13 minuten van Sarah Pinborough
'Was ze maar doodgegaan.'

Ik was dertien minuten dood.

Ik kan me niet meer herinneren hoe ik in het ijskoude water terechtkwam, maar dit weet ik nog wel: het was geen ongeluk en ik was niet suïcidaal.

Ze zeggen dat je je vrienden dichtbij moet houden en je vijanden nog dichterbij, maar als je een tiener bent, is het moeilijk om ze uit elkaar te houden. Mijn vrienden houden van me, dat weet ik zeker. Maar dat betekent niet dat ze niet hebben geprobeerd om me te vermoorden. Of wel?

13 minuten is een aangrijpende psychologische thriller over angsten, manipulatie en de kracht van de waarheid. Een verbluffend verhaal dat vraagtekens zet bij wat we echt weten over de mensen die het dichtst bij ons staan. Voor fans van Gossip Girl en retty Little Liars.

'Dit boek is een echte pageturner. Het is een mix van retty Little Liars en Only Ever Yours. Lezen dus. Je zult niet teleurgesteld worden.' The Guardian

'De donkere wereld van de middelbare school die in dit boek opgeroepen wordt, met onbeduidend verraad, terloopse wreedheid en giftige vriendschappen, is pijnlijk accuraat.' The Telegraph

'Een ingewikkeld uitgezet, snel misdaadverhaal. Mean Girls meets De verborgen geschiedenis voor de Instagram-generatie.' The Times

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Published June 1st 2017 by Van Goor (first published February 18th 2016
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13 Minutes
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gave it

Although " 13 Minutes " by Sarah Pinborough is marketed as YA I hope it reaches a much much wider audience.

As the layers of truth unfold, and we learn secrets hidden by the boy, we discover just how little the characters know about each other and themselves.

gave it

Trivialising and demonising eating disorders and mental illness does n't add anything to a character or plot and I 'm 100% over it.

So sorr, I do n't really know how to feel about this one.

gave it

At least for now anyway.I can ’ t remember the ast time I was this indifferent to absolutely every single character in a ook like I was here.

gave it

This ook took me back to a place I never wanted to go back, but I was safely on the other ide of the pages while the girls in the story did n't have the option to sit back and watch unscathed.Seventeen year old Tasha Howland was dead for 13 minutes before being pulled out of the river by a man walking his dog.

Hayley& Tasha used to be roommate with Becca until they dropped her for Samanth.

Now Becca, ever the outcast, is being pulled back in by Tasha.

Hayley& Jenny hate it, but they have been texting in secret since Tasha 's accident.

And why does Tasha want to be riends with Becca all of a sudden?

gave it

With no memorie of how she ended up in the water that night, Natasha tries desperately to find out what happened to her.

But with Olivi ’ s best friends Sophie and Haley acting strange, she begins to think that they might have something to do with what happened to her.

nly time will tell what really happened that night, and only Natasha knows the truth.

This read will pull you in and keep you interested, in more ways than one!

We start to see her best frien, aley and Jenny, acting strange and secretive, and Natasha even asks for Becca while in the ospital.

The author made sure to have the reader suspect each character for at least a moment, and I found myself being suspicious of EVERYONE.

This story flips back and forth between Becca and Natasha, obviously our lead female characters in this tory.

As soon as Becca started acting needy and psycho, I just couldn ’ t stand her.

I was expecting a flimsy YA read with some comed and overzealous characters, but what I got was so much more!

These characters are all VERY twisted and insane in their own pat, but strangely normal at the same time.

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