13 modi di vedere una ragazza grassa

Lizzie è cresciuta nell'orribile periferia di Misery Saga ( come lei chiama Mississauga in Canada) e non si piace, nonostante quello che dice la sua migliore amica Mel. Inizia così a contattare ragazzi online, ma ha paura di mandare foto di sé stessa, convinta che nessuno che sappia com' è fatta davvero la possa volere. Inizia allora a perdere peso seguendo un regime ferreo e i risultati non tardano a vedersi. Eppure a Lizzie sembra di non riuscire a non vedersi grassa, nonostante tutto il peso perso. In questo romanzo di debutto, Mona Awad mette alla berlina la nostra cultura ossessionata dall'immagine del corpo e allo stesso tempo propone una descrizione dolce e tenera di una giovane donna, complessa ma adorabile, che lotta per conformarsi a uno stereotipo.
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Published April 12th 2017 by Bompiani (first published February 23rd 2016
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13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl
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gave it

It 's like an accident and you ca n't look away.

Nobody that 's struggled with body image issues will likely relate to at least one of the thirteen essays taken from different moments in Beth 's life.

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As a big bo, I feel invested in how people portray overweight women in the media.

I 'm sick of stories only talking about the me who hate how they look and all the ways being fat fucks up their lives.My own story does n't include being dumb, struggling with school or being socially isolated.

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The poem consists of thirteen short, separate sections, each of which mentions blackbirds in some way.

uch is the case with 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl.

We watch as Lizzie morphs into Beth who then changes to Elizabeth who then becomes Liz as she grows from high school aged to adulthood and from fat to thin.

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Awad again gets this right, the complexities of going from fat to skinny, the pressur, the self-obsession and the warped outlook, but the story becomes utterly stagnant and so much is left unexplored.

gave it

She thinks her weight is what keeps her from having meaningful, lasting relationships, but really, it 's the horrible way she feels about herself that keeps her from being truly content.

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