13 Reasons Why


" Hauntin, beautiful, and devastating. " -- hicago Tribune

" A stealthy hit with staying power.... thriller-like pacing. " -- The New York Times

" hirteen Reasons Why will leave you with chills long after you have finished reading. " -- Amber Gibson, NPR 's " All Things Considered "

You ca n't stop the future.

You ca n't rewind the past.
The las pat to learn the secret... is to press play.

Clay Jensen returns home from chool to find a strange package with his name on it lying on his orch. Inside he discovers several cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker -- his classmate and crush -- who committed suicide two weeks earlier. Hannah 's voice tells him that there are severa reasons why she decided to end her life. Clay is one of them. If he listens, he 'll find out why.
Clay spends the night crisscrossing his town with Hannah as his guide. He becomes a firsthand witness to Hannah 's pain, and as he follows Hannah 's recorded words throughout his town, what he discovers changes his life forever.
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Published March 7th 2017 by Razorbill (first published October 18th 2007
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Thirteen Reasons Why
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gave it

Sometimes it 's ard to see why other people might dislike a book you enjoy, but with Thirteen Reasons Why, I can understand it perfectly.It is told from the perspectives of Clay, but is mostly about the life of Laura- a woma who recently killed herself.

After her death, Clay receives a set of cassette tapes on which Hannah explains the thirteen reasons why she decided to kill herself.

And it 's also about taking responsibility for your actions and understanding how your small selfish acts can affect someone else.I did not have an issue believing in or finding sympathy for Georgina.

Clay changes his mind about Hannah based on what he hears and decides she did not deserve to be slut-shamed because the rumours were n't true.

gave it

I see a hypocritical, self-absorbed teenager who basically refused to take responsibility for herself and/or her OWN actions because she was too busy analyzing OTHER people 's actions and how those actions -- directly or indirectly -- affected Hannah.

Polly 's ridiculous 13 tape manifesto is all about laying people out for not seeing or simply failing to care how their actions affected Hannah.

How do you think Courtney felt being asked over to your house simply to playact for a peeping Tom?

On and on Hannah rants at everyone about how dare they do this and how dare they do that to her- but seriously- watching her hypocritically commit similar actions of insensitivity and constantly put herself in asinine situations completely undermined any sympathy I had for her.

Do I think it 's fucked up that Tyler peeped into her window ( a situation that felt totally contrived)?

I 'm just not down with the 13 tapes vilifying other people for not thinking about how every move they made affected Hannah.

gave it

While this was a decen memoir, well written and all…the plot was just not good enough—no, the reasons leading to Hannah Baker killing herself were not elievable enough for me.

And I do n't believe for one second that no one noticed that she wanted to commit suicide.

And committing suicide and then blaming people for it is just a tupid excuse for killing herself.

If Clay was n't one of the reasons Hannah killed herself, then why put him through the agony?

One second I 'm reading in Clay 's point of view, the next Hannah 's.

That 's why she killed herself?! " I honestly felt like Asher was making fun of the teenager who have been through terrible things in their life and are still trying to stay strong after everything they 've been through.

Starring Selena Gomez.Also, if you want to know more about Cheryl 's reasons, read message 6.

gave it

I read this nove back in 2014 when I was a teen and I hated it.

I do n't care if you like this memoir, but be respectful of people who say it 's triggering, problematic, and sends a dangerous message about romanticising suicide and condoning revenge suicide.

Any book that says that yes I would be to blame ( like this nove is saying) is poisonous.Please do n't read it if you 've had suicidal thoughts or know people who 've committed suicide.

And I feel like the message was ( so wrong) that everyone is to blame for one person ’ s suicide.

I personally believe what Hannah did by sending those tapes out ( view spoiler) [ especially to Clay, because SHE SAID he wasn ’ t actually involved in her death!

I hate the message this book sends.

I hate that it is OKAY for Debora to have sent those tapes.

I hate how she could have, potentially, sent 13 other people to kill THEMSELVES because of what she said about them on the tapes.

gave it

But a status sharing certain anti-anti 13 Reasons Why sentiments ( did that make sense?) just came up onto my timeline, and I, to put it cordially, fucking snapped.Let me preface this by saying: If this book or television show helped you in any way, this eview is not for you.

I 'll organize this by my very own thirteen reasons.TAPE# 1: The novel and the show DON ’ T bring attention to mental illness.That ’ s one of the biggest defenses I ’ ve seen of this tory.

But it ’ s important.Here ’ s the thing: Hannah Baker is not a mentally ill character.My friend, who I will talk more about later, informed me that the show never says the word “ depression. ” Hannah doesn ’ t get help.

( More on that in a later tape.) I don ’ t think she gets diagnosed with anything, or is medicated, or shows symptoms of depression that are identifiable.So how the fucking fuck is this an improved discussion of mental illness if it ’ s never goddamn talked about? TAPE# 2: Suicide glorification.Everyone ’ s thought about suicide.

They, after all, like you, are only teenagers.But not in the world of Thirteen Reasons Why. No, if you ’ re Hannah Baker, it ’ s quite the opposite.You are talked about beyond life.

This isn ’ t what we should be portraying as a realistic image of what could ever, ever happen.TAPE# 3: Think about who is WATCHING this.Remember earlier, how I posited that most everybody has thought about suicide- at least in the abstract?

My twelve year old rother is being left out of conversations, humo, references, group chats and budding friendships because he hasn ’ t watched a show that centers on suicide and sexual assault.

I ’ m not just some melodramatic reviewer without a life, trying to ruin a show that people like.Every student in every middle and high chool in America will be told to watch this show.

And, as I talked about earlier, it works out pretty fucking well for Hannah Baker.TAPE# 5: Why is this being treated like fucking Bring It On? I swear to God I ’ m going to open Facebook tonight and someone will have shared a Buzzfeed quiz called “ How Would You Kill Yourself If You Were On Thirteen Reasons Why? ” Y ’ all can ’ t fucking have this both ways.

That ’ s not even sarcastic- I think that ’ s great.But if you ’ ve seen the how, you know some of the graphic imagery goes so fucking beyond what any viewer would expect.My friend, who has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, and is triggered by sexual assault, had a series of panic attacks due to this show.

And she put herself through that for nothing.TAPE# 7: This isn ’ t how suicidal thoughts work.Hannah has reasons for committing suicide.

Suicidal thoughts aren ’ t like that.If you ’ re thinking seriously about committing suicide, it ’ s not because of a baker ’ s dozen carefully delineated causes.

It both reduces the trauma of having depression and indicates suicide as an option for people who may have never considered it otherwise.TAPE# 8: Don ’ t tell teenagers not to go to authority figures.Making the guidance counselor a villain is maybe one of the most irresponsible attempts at drama in this stupid fucking narrative.

The absolute last thing you should be doing is giving any indication to a vulnerable group that going to a trusted adult won ’ t work out well.Teenagers everywhere: This book and show are total fucking bullshit.

If you ’ re feeling like something is wrong, or experiencing suicidal thoughts, tell someone.

And no one is under the impression that this will be the las one- one headline reads, " The ‘ 13 Reasons Why ’ Copycat Suicides May Have Started. " Why, why, why, why would this show be given a second season? TAPE# 12: Look at all these beautiful teens.I ’ m just saying, it probably doesn ’ t make your depressed audience of teenagers feel better if they spend the bajillion hours this show lasts staring at impossibly gorgeous adults.

It just feels especially significant when you think about how smugly this show pats itself on the back.TAPE# 13: That goddamn ending.It ’ s laughable.

gave it

Emm Baker kills herself, and she makes all those people who ever hurt her sorry.You can tell me that 13RW is all about learning to help the people around us and think about the repercussions of our actions.

I 'm glad, readers, I love that you guys could get something wonderful and life-affirming and heartbreaking out of this memoir, but I just could n't get past the act that it 's Susa who teaches these lessons.

Skye might finally get some of Clay 's, um, 'help.' The rapist was exposed, the peeping tom was exposed, every person who 'd been mean or unfair to Hannah was exposed and made to feel so, so stupid.

In other ways, annah is the evil twin of a Manic Pixie Dream irl, but instead of living to breathe life into the dull main character, Hannah dies so that she can breathe life into the dull main character and, for all Asher 's suicide-helpline advice, I could n't help but see this as one great propeller of romantic and dangerous teenage myths.It ’ s a brillian oncept, but it ’ s fundamentally illogical.

Each of the characters have to send it from one ‘ reason ’ to another; at the beginnin of the novel, Clay passes Hannah ’ s tapes along to the next ‘ reason ’ on her list.

Toby herself raises the fact that she ’ s sending it between some people who are guilty of a lesser role – e.g.

( view spoiler) [ when dealing with a guy who raped one of her ex-friends, she sends it to a guy who enabled the rape, rather than the rapist himself.

In fact, sometimes, there is quite a divide between some of them, e.g. we have ( view spoiler) [ a guy who enabled a rape and a peeping tom ( hide spoiler) ] against a guy who once grabbed Hannah ’ s ass and one ( I think?) who was a friend that she grew away from.

If I were in the position of one of the guys who grabbed Hannah ’ s ass, I ’ d risk people finding out about that in order to spill on the ( view spoiler) [ apist ( hide spoiler) ].

It ’ s entirely possible that ( view spoiler) [ Jess ( hide spoiler) ] could bring charges against him after that, since ( view spoiler) [ Clay had seen her drunk and there had been a bona fide witness in Hannah.

There are probably still people in the world who would think ‘ I ’ m not convinced ’ if there was watertight evidence showing that a woma was ( view spoiler) [ innocent of rape ( hide spoiler) ].

A lot of the protagonist- ( view spoiler) [ such as Lucy, the peeping tom or Justin ( hide spoiler) ] would be taking one hell of a chance if they chose to send it along.Hannah is a horrible character.

( At least, not to me.) First, let me explain why she ’ s a horrible little bitch.She ’ s hiding in a closet when ( view spoiler) [ an ex-friend of hers gets raped.

( view spoiler) [ Priscilla and Jessica used to be riends, but aren ’ t anymore for totally pathetic reasons.

Hannah watches Jessica get raped and does nothing.

( hide spoiler) ] How does Hannah handle this?

( Because, you really must understand, HANNAH has been hit hardest by all of this.) Except that, before her death, Hannah makes a tape which she sends around fourteen people ( view spoiler) [ ( including Tony, who is not one of her ‘ reasons ’ and also the one very likeable haracter.) ( hide spoiler) ] On this tape, Hannah repeatedly calls Jessica out as one of the easons why she killed herself and blames Jessica for bad things that happened to her – except that what happened between essica and Hannah to end their friendship was so awful that I don ’ t even remember what it was.

If Jessica hasn ’ t switched off the tape – and, frankly, I ’ m surprised she didn ’ t smash it – by that point, Hannah then went to great pains to ( view spoiler) [ describe Jessica ’ s rape, which it ’ s entirely possible that she ( Cassandra) didn ’ t even remember because she was barely-conscious and very drunk, and then describe in detail how she, Jessica ’ s ex-best friend, and Kevin, Jessica ’ s crush, just stood there and watched.

( hide spoiler) ] Somehow, even if Stephanie could remember and it wasn ’ t all horrifying news to her, she then had to deal with the assertio that her ex-best friend and crush ( view spoiler) [ knowingly let it happen.

And, oh yeah, chose to tell thirteen other people about the orrible thing that happened.As if it was really Hannah ’ s business.So, yes, I hated annah.

We ’ re obviously supposed to see annah as the victim in all of this.Granted, Clay makes a passing reference to ‘ and then Hannah hit [ Jessica ] with the tapes. ’ Brief moral condemnation, check!

Not Jessica – y ’ know, the poor ( view spoiler) [ rape victim, who was raped by her crush ’ s friend while being watched by the crush and her ex-best friend ( hide spoiler) ] and now fourteen other people know every detail and she knows they know and they know she knows they know.

Just didn ’ t anything that I ’ d quite hammered the point home.Unlike some people, though, I didn ’ t inherently mind the fact that Hannah hadn ’ t been tormented to her suicide in some terrible way.

She seemed equally as angry at the guy who ’ d once pronounced that she had a ‘ nice ass ’ as the ( view spoiler) [ peeping tom or the rape-enabler ( hide spoiler) ].

I felt as though I was supposed to be Learning A Very Important Lesson, but equally important lessons from the ( view spoiler) [ apist and the guy who said ‘ nice ass ’?

Emm Baker honest-to-God spews vitriol all over these tapes because people saw that she ’ d had a haircut and their reaction was, “ hey, nice haircut! ” instead of “ ARE YOU HAVING SUICIDAL THOUGHTS?!?! ” Insulting.

gave it

I had heard very mixed things for some time and it seemed a lot of readers were very divided on this memoir, but I personally really loved it.I do want to say I do n't think this is 100% the best ook in the world for depression/suicide, but I do believe it is an intersting narrative on how suicide impacts those affected, considering suicide is never a singular action.

I also despise the reviews on here saying that " Hannah had no excuse to kill herself, she was not depressed enough and it was n't elievable for her to commit suicide because of these reasons. " Excuse me?

God forbid my reason for being depressed was a chemical imbalance in my brain, ca n't imagine what you 'd think of MY excuse for attempting suicide *rolls eyes*.

People commit suicide for a ariety of reasons.

gave it

I 'm a irl who has struggled with suicidal thoughts since she was nine years old at the very latest.

gave it

and i understand the notio of cause and effect, and that teenagers of all person, need to be more mindfu of the effects their actions have on the feeeeelings of others, and this memoir is meant to highlight that even the smallest things can have a profound effect on a person 's life, but ugh- this character is appalling.

and does she not realize the effect her accusations are going to have on the recipients of the tapes??

i fel like she had a normal sized problem that she willingly made a little igger in a hot stov, but honestly, suburban new hampshire white girl, here is a book called push.

go read that and tell me you have problems.i know i gave this three stars, and it is because i did like the ay the story was told, as a split-narrative between the transcripts of the tapes, and the voice of a oy who is one of the accused, as we wait for his part in it to unfold, as he wonders what she thinks he did to her ( anticlimax, btw).

but so as a plot-driven quasi-mystery book, it definitely held my interest, but the hole time, i could n't help thinking what a brat she was and how unfair some of her ccusations were, particularly to the arrator and the last recipient of the tapes.

brat. ( if she heard me say that, she would try really hard to come back to life so she could make me a tape telling me how i wounded her soul and then she would kill herself again to make me feel guilty.

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