13 to Life


Everything about Jessie Gillmansen ’ s life changed when her daughte died. Now even her hometown of Junction is changing. Mysterious dark things are happening. All Cassi wants is to avoid more change. But showing a hot new guy around Junction High, she ’ s about to discover a whole new type of change. Pietr Rusakova is more than good looks and a fascinating accent—he ’ s a guy with a dangerous secret. And his very existence is sure to bring big trouble to Jessie ’ s small town.
It seems change is the one thing Jessie can ’ t avoid.

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Published June 22nd 2010 by St. Martin's Griffin
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13 to Life
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gave it

The above statement is part of my roblem with this ook, it is only one of a thousand stories just like each other.

It 's sad really, because, if I would have picked this kind of book up for the last time, I know I would have loved it.

It gets frustrating because I love to read, but I want something different, even from my favorite enre.

I love werewol and werewolf stories, I want them, but with different scenarios and more unpredictability.

gave it

Pietr likes Jessie.

Pietr likes Jessie.

I added up the ays the first time I read 13 to Life, and the book spanned something like 2-3 weeks.

The ove and attraction between Pietr and Jessie ( as claimed by the book) would be much more powerful if the story actually let them GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER IRST.

So much of the plot is wrapped around Pietr finally revealing his secret to Jessie, but the author drags this plot point out for the whol ook, and I grew impatient.

This should have been revealed much, much earlier -- the secret is TOO OBVIOUS to the eader, and I grew frustrated with Jessie for not realizing and with Pietr for not telling her.

gave it

She resists Pietr in the en, because she has this huge crush on this jock named Derek.

Jeremy is supposedly really hot, but Pietr hates him!

I know he was jealous because Jess liked Derek instead of him, but I think their might be ore to it.

His lder brother Max ( totally hot, I fell in love with the guy) is unny, and his older twin sister Catherine ( by 2 minutes, haha) is really nice.

gave it

You can wrap this shit up in one book but got ta make the coin you know?

gave it

From the point of iew of a person with Russian-Ukrainian-Polish background on the question, well ...

So as my husband said, it is necessary that the Family Name at some point will become something like Rusakova which at this moment would n't be translated at all and would have to have been given to the family by a Mother very long time ago ...

A mother dies soon enough and the child does n't know better or is too attached to it to change anything ... As you see, it is obvious in real life, but chances are, by the time her grandkids were born and grown the last name would have been transformed beyond recognition anyway.Coming back to our story, I do n't think this is the case.

I only read about 25% of the essay, but I can tell, that the gir is implied to know Russian, which means he could n't have had an improper spelling of his ast name.

It was exactly like some people would try to read my husband 's name, or even my Russian and/or Ukrainian name.What 's Up With Names? " These are the Rusakovas "- a family name ...

OK, if you read it in Russian, that should be closer to' o', something like Piotr,:: Пётр:: and of course Rusakov ...

Alexi sounds more like the Russian version of " Aleksei ":: Алексей:: which could possibly be shortened to Alex without an' i' at the beginnin.

And Zoe is short for Aleksandr:: Александр:: ( or Alexander in English version of the name.) Apparently someone got confused here, because what was meant to be written is the person 's 'full AND short' name in one sentence.

Or if you 're an English speaking person, would n't you try to read the ast part as 'show'?

The real Russian word would be " Horosho ":: Хорошо:: which would translate to English more so 'OK', than 'Good.' I tend to correct myself all the time using " OK " when talking to my friends abroad, just because it is difficult, and they do know the meaning of the phras, of course, English being so popular and all. " Da. Spahseebuh. "- I could have understood it if Peter murmured the words, sort of talking to himself, in not-expecting-Jessie-to-understand-or-hear-what-he-was-saying kind of pat.

This could be close, to make it sound Russian if you 're reading it aloud, but if I was to write it, it would have been omething like " Spasibo. ":: Спасибо:: " Za udachu, " she whispered OK, here 's the deal ...

Well, I mean I know she ( the writer) meant Tsaritsa Ekaterina:: Царица Екатерина:: ( remember, Peter 's twin was supposed to have the same ame, but she does not?) but what 's Tsarina? What 's With All This Russian in All the Inappropriate Places? I get it, I do ...

It 's like she knows Russian, and does n't have to question at least once to understand the eaning.

Here in Alberta a lot of people, and I mean A LOT, have come from either Ukrainian or Polish background, so they do naturally know simple words from those languages ...

I mean, this can be happening between old friends, but not with a person you just met.I would have to agree though that using Russian words in the conversation between Tom and his uncles, and other 'Russian speaking community' would be very much appropriate, as it gives a realistic touch.

I find it easier to remember complicated words in English, and usually the first one that comes to mind is in Russian, then you 're trying to translate it before actually saying the ord.

Instead, things like 'OK', 'Thanks', 'Sorry' are popping off of your tongue just like that ... You know what, probably the most precis and appropriate use of Russian was for the word matryoshka:: Матрёшка:: I would have probably corrected an English speaking person on the 'real' name for the 'thing', as well if written I 'd probably use the same letters ...

gave it

More examples: " No one lives forever, " he said.He had no idea how well I understood that most simple and cruel fact.Even eliminating the word " most " from the 2nd sentence would be an improvement ( although I 'd kill the whole thing) .We heard the roar of Pietr 's motor grow dimmer, weaker -- more distant.

Three adjectives that serve the exact same function,& none of them interesting ( also, each at odds with the noun " roar "). " Nyet ... I love dog, " he said, but his tone made me think of the ay I 'd say I love izza. " No, " his voice rumbled in his throat, deep with my ears so close.

Really, really ( also " deep with my ears so close "?

In short, the goo writing choices are everywhere, smothering the story like kudzu.There are other things I do n't like.

gave it

I 'm isappointed because this had so much otential, but it was all thrown away because the female lead is a complete and utter idiot! Up until the 100-page mark, I was quite enjoying this; the writing was engaging and I made allowances for the plot being a bit slow seeing as it 's the third ook in a series.

What started to tick me off was that the ore I read the ore I realised that there was n't an actual plot and Jessie was a complete and utter judgemental hypocritical raging bitch who only thought about herself and yet everyone tiptoed around her like she was some spoiled delicate princess.

Well, let 's see he COULD have been a decent male lead if he had any balls and bought a new set of eyes so he could see that Megan was dragging him along like an abused puppy.

essie not only wants her slice of cake but everybody else 's too and when she makes herself sick from too much, she 'll blame it on them for giving it to her.And let me say it again- SHE 'S A RAGING BITCH.The plot- well there was n't one.

Maybe if you put this author with someone who can write a kickass heroine then you 'd have a best seller, but for now, I 'd save your time- unless you like snide little bitches and books filled with copy and paste stereotypes.

gave it

Dogs react weirdly to Pietr, the new gir in school, he sniffs people, his eyes look " disconcertingly feral, " he has " startlingly beautiful teeth, " he heals super fast, he thinks vampires get more attention than werewolves do, there were wolf attacks in the town his family just left ... do you need more signs?

Got that?), and the wolf thing does n't have time to make any sense, because you only get 10 minutes with the knowledge until it 's all over.

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