13 Ways: Illustrated Stories

What if, as you stared at a children ’ s climbing wall, you began to see and hear things that no one else perceived? What if a view of the coast you were enjoying was also being surveyed by an assassin through his rifle scope? What if the ast thing you saw when you looked at the sky was the perspective of an enormous cloud that looked like a ghost ship?

Ranging from brief vignettes to fully-developed narratives, this collection comprises sixteen evocative, photo-inspired stories from selected genres, including contemporary and magical realism, speculative fiction, horror, and modern Gothic. The memoi opens with “ Sunset at the Hyatt Regency, ” in which two strangers at an airport hotel negotiate their way through the nuances of sex, guilt, and cold hard cash. It closes with “ Hotel Eternity, ” in which a woman emerges from an underground train station into a bright spring day, to find a crumpled stranger gesturing to her from the footpath.
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Published 2013 by Thirteen Ways Press
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13 Ways: Illustrated Stories
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gave it

And “ 13 Ways: Illustrated Stories ” ARE good short stories.I did not like them all equally.

One rarely does when reading a collection of short stor.

What more can you gain from a piece of literature? Most of all, I was mpressed and moved by the story “ Sunset at the Hyatt Regency ”.

It is clearly one of the two best short stor I have ever read in my life.

If all the tale were like “ Sunset at the Hyatt Regency ”, “ Traveling Heart ”, and “ Last Kiss ”, I could not but rate the book 10 stars, regardless of whether or not Goodreads allowed it.I would also like to mention the included photographs, taken by one of the uthors.

gave it

DisclosureWhat a delight! But first, a disclosure: one of the uthors of this collection of short stor is a close and valued GoodReads friend who has transitioned to the same status in real life.

Each strand might have been trong, but the two together are stronger.They are also highly compatible in both subject matter and style.GroundedThe Introduction states that the tales " arose from photographs that sparked the authors ’ imagination " .That might well be true, but in no way does it limit the ambition of the stories.The initial impression of the collection is very unconventional.

They are the feet, and as you read on, as you survey the rest of the bodie, working upwards, you encounter the reactionary gut and then ultimately the rest of the mind, and in that mind lies expectation, ambition, hope, ambition, love, regre, bewilderment.UnsoundThe less grounded, the more mindful we become, but the ind is not a simple organ, it can look, gaze, embrace, imagine, dream, aspire, desire, plan, cheat, fabricate, hallucinate, panic, fear and delude itself.I ’ m not necessarily thinking of alcohol or drugs or unreliable narration.

The same forces seem to be at work.This collection is concerned about what happens in the ether above ground level, in and between the inds of people like us, who appear to be grounded, but who in fact might just be a little unsound, living as we do in a world that is ruled over by blackbirds, a world that seems to have become a little Kafkaesque ( if you do n't mind me mixing my animalian metaphors) .Noble Accents and Lucid RhythmsIn the words of Wallace Stevens ( from whose poem the title is derived), the authors know and write about the " noble accents and lucid, inescapable rhythms " of real life.Which author is better, who do I prefer?

gave it

I love reading short stories.

This ollection is compromised of both shorter and longer short stories, each with the different perspectives of the two writer.

I felt it 's clear this is written for me as a reader to understand each story, and even though the two authors, td Whittle& Sandra Peterson Ramirez are from two parts of the world, they have managed to coexist with their own nique way of writing, at the same time being coherent in their selection of stories.

gave it

Caution, this review contains high praise.Wonderful.Two authors with two completely different styles collaborate to make one terrific and imaginative book.

gave it

Some will make you smile; others will fill you with compassion.td Whittle ’ s tories take the reader into the realm of dream, visions, disturbing and otherworldly experiences and new perspective, which are piercingly acute in their fantastic realism.

I first read the majority of the tories on the uthors ’ website and loved every one of them.

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