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Published October 5th 2010 by HarperCollins Canada / Other
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gave it

Let 's be clear right now, because I do n't want you confused by the charming blue bird on the cover into thinking that this is a beginning vocabulary book.

It is the right choice for this world where a bird must paint eleven ladders ten colors, but it leaves me wondering if this is one of those essay that adults will appreciate more than children do.

gave it

I borrowed this book mostly because I love Lemony Snicket, and sometimes get a little weary of all the accessible literature that I read to my toddler.

My daughter especially loves the pictures of the different sort of crea and the mo who owns the haberdashery.

gave it

Still had fun with the ords, but something prevented me from going all in.

The an has a way with endings that sticks with me.

ell that was my rambling, reviewing way of saying—I had fun here, but more for what the story inspired in me than the tory itself.

gave it

However, my grandfather, who is kinda artsy, agrees with me that it 's strang ( but not in a decen way) .I do like the vocabulary ( yes, I know it 's not a vocabulary book, but still) and maybe child-me would have given it another star for that.

gave it

I especially liked the inclusion of " panache " ( defined by Snicket as " not just feathers ... a feeling of style and excitement, a ind of verve or swagger ").

gave it

She has illustrated several books, for adults as well as hildren, and has been featured on the cover of The New Yorker multiple times.

Word number 2 is despondent.Bird is despondent, dog ( 4) would like to cheer her up.

These words, and seven more, are joined in a ovely tory about how dog worked to cheer up his friend bird.

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