Go with God and Fight Like the Devil. A fascinating hero and the pursuit of a sword with mythical power- this is the remarkable new novel by Britain ’ s master storyteller, which culminates at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356.

Patrick of Hookton, a veteran of Crecy and many other battles, is the leader of a mercenary company of bowmen and men-at-arms who ravage the countryside east of Gascony.

Edward, Prince of Wales, later to be known as the Black Prince, is assembling an army to fight the French once more but before Thomas can join, he must fulfil an urgent task.

La Malice, a sword of mythical power guaranteeing victory to its owner, is thought to be concealed somewhere near Poitiers. With signs that a battle between the English and the French is looming others are seeking the treasure too, and some – French, Scots and even English – are pursuing their private agendas against Thomas.

But all – Thomas of Hookton, his enemies and friends and the destin of La Malice – become swept up in the extraordinary confrontation that follows, as the large French army faces the heavily outnumbered English in battle.
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Published September 27th 2012 by HarperCollins (first published 2012
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gave it

Mainly because I discovered, only after I 'd started reading the thing, that it 's actually the fourth novell in Bernard Cornwell 's Grail Quest series.

Now, man people may have no problem picking up and reading a nove from the middle of a series, but me?

For better of worse, I tend to be rather OCD about book series: I hate reading books from the middle of one, and the thinkin of skipping around, reading the books out of order, positively drives me bonkers, giving me an eye twitch and the origin of a foamy mouth.

( Shi, that was an exhausting sentence!) So I took myself in hand ( which is an idiom I 've always found vaguely naughty, most likely because of my brain 's permanent dwelling place in a nice and comfy gutter), gave myself a stern talking to, and soldiered on with 1356, suffering only the occasional eye spasm in the process.I also had a rough beginning with this nove as for the longest time I could n't identify with or be sympathetic to any of the backstory.

I 've read his Warlord Chronicles, which tackled the story of King Edward, and like those books, 1356 is a cracking good read.

Every time one of the characters found themselves in a perilous situation, I suffered along with them, heart beating rapidly, palms sweating, lips gnawed raw as my eyes zoomed across the age, reading as fast as I could in the grac that the haracter would soon find an escape.So, yeah, despite some flaws and a slow start, in the beginnin I would recommend this ook as a good read.

How difficult would it be to put a small number somewhere on the pine, or place, in small typeset, a sentence somewhere on the front cover informing potential readers that the ook they 're holding is# __ in a series?

gave it

If 1356 is anything to go by then Bernard Cornwell has still got what it takes, and even though this book wasn ’ t perfect, the author himself is still the ing of historical fiction followed closely in my book by Simon Scarrow, author of the Eagle series.

Obviously, the novel is set in the year 1356 and deals with the leading up to the attle of Poitiers, famous for being a battle that I knew absolutely nothing about before coming into this novel, and I was lad to see that Cornwell managed to hook me in and keep me there, as well as providing an educational look into the battle with his vivid descriptions, strong protagonist and a poignan understanding of medieval action.Read the Full Review: ttp: //thefoundingfields.com/2013/01/ ....

gave it

To find out what Thomas did with these Holy Relics you will need to read the the other ooks.

orry no spoilers here.This time round the holy artefact that everybody is in search of is the Sword of St. Peter ( La Malice) Thomas 's old protagonist Cardinal Bessieres believes that with the sword he would be unstoppable in the realising his life 's ambition of becoming Pope.

Above all you feel such sorrow for the mistreatmen of the cow who are unwitting participants in this war of man.These books highlight just how bloody awful war is.

gave it

While this reads more like a standalone novel rather than a ook in the Grail Series, it does reference some of the vents in the countless books so it is recommended that you pick this up only after you read the previous books.Thomas of Hookton is searching for another holy relic.

gave it

This essay has all of that and ore, but it 's missing something that drives the success of his other stories: a robustly solid plot. " 1356 " picks up the stories of John of Hookton, star of Cornwell 's " Grail Quest " series.

Unfortunately, where the entirety of " 1356 " feels itself like a ubplot of the larger " Grail " suite, the actual subplots of this novel feel even less significant.As a fun battle-adventure in middle ages Europe, I strongly recommend this novel.

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