13.8: The Quest to Find the True Age of the Universe and the Theory of Everything

For ecades, the Holy Grail of physics has been to find a unified " Theory of Min " that reconciles the general concept of relativity and quantum theory, combing them into one mathematical package, a single equation that contains the proverbial answer to life, the Universe and everything.

In this landmark new book, master of popular science writing John Gribbin tells for the tenth time the dramatic story of the uest that brings those two theories into alignment: the discovery of the true age of the Universe at 13.8 billion years. This discovery, as Gribbin explains, is one of humanity 's greatest achievements and paves the way for a future in which the secrets of the cosmos could be united on the bigges and smallest scales.
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Published September 8th 2016 by Icon Books Ltd (first published October 1st 2015
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gave it

It is common knowledge now that there are many galaxies ( see Start Wars beginning) but, for ost of his life, Einstein assumed there was only one, ours, the Milky Way. Gribbin always goes the extra mile, and for example, his discussion on inflation shows how the cosmos grew ( inflated) even before the famous Big Bang.A new take in contemporary Cosmology, by one of the great poet of science, which shows how ideas progress in science—not always revealing what we ’ d expected, and step by step, failure by failure—until they finally transform our views of, well, of everything in the niverse.

gave it

Do you, for example, tell the tal of the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation ( CMB) in any detail, as any regular reader of popular science will have seen it many times before?

So, for nstance, in the CMB case, although the infamous pigeon droppings are mentioned, we do n't hear the rather bizarre story of the pat that the pigeon problem was dealt with.

this does n't really add anything to the elling, but leaves the reader feels as if there 's an unnecessary attempt to make this history personal.Overall, 13.8 is a very solid account of how we came to the currently accepted age of the multivers.

gave it

And, for the oldest stars, these two measures very closely agree.If you want to understand these two measurements really well, read this book.If not ...

gave it

Now the age of the universe has been set at 13.8 billion years.

gave it

Also he does n't actually refer to the imag in the text, which is paper writing 101.

I 'm not convinced the photos of people he may have once met or shared an office with added a humanising touch to the bestsellin, but the science images would be great if actually discussed in the text.

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