Cinq hommes sont partis à la guerre, une femme attend le retour de deux d ’ entre eux. Reste à savoir s ’ ils vont revenir. Quand. Et dans quel état.

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Published October 4th 2012 by Les Éditions de Minuit
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gave it

The book follows Anthime, a slightly older young man named Charles ( who it seems is in love with the same woma), and four friends the same age, who are sent together to the Ardennes, where they march for days until a German ambush takes them all by surprise.

I have read countless novels of WW1, most recently two others from the French perspective:

In additiona to her fluid translation ( this is the first Echenoz I have read in English), Linda Coverdale 's notes are very welcome.

gave it

Μπαίνοντας κατευθείαν στο θέμα ο συγγραφέας παρουσιάζει τον πόλεμο από διάφορες μεριές, από τα μετόπισθεν μέχρι τους στρατιώτες της πρώτης γραμμής, με μία γραφή γεμάτη ενδιαφέρουσες μεταφορές που καταφέρνει να πει πολλά πράγματα με ελάχιστες λέξεις.

gave it

Several historian have written about all of this in many publication, but author Echenoz knocks one on the head with his sparse language, his very few words.

gave it

While this ook is too short for longueurs – I read it one sitting – it is ( despite a few fine passages) completely incidental.

gave it

a slim world war i novel, jean echenoz 's 1914 ( 14 in its original french) tells the fates of five young frenchmen as they 're forced onto the front ines of the great war.

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