14 Days to Die

To what extent would you go to avenge your husband 's infidelity?

Stay-at-home mom Sarah Johnson has the perfect family—a handsome, hardworking husband and two healthy and beautiful children. At least, that ’ s what she ’ s been telling herself for years. After the traged in her youth, Sarah deemed living a lie easier than dwelling on the past and facing her everyday failures. To avoid any kind of confrontation at home she doesn ’ t read her husband ’ s emails or spy on him like most jealous wives do. She wouldn ’ t jeopardize her comfortable but dull life for nything.

But Abby ’ s world is about to crumble around her when she receives a telephon call from a an with a heavy foreign accent telling her that her perfect husband has put a price on her head. She is offered two weeks to come up with a counteroffer or die. Why would her model husband Mike want her dead? Hasn ’ t she been the perfect ife? Or has her karma finally caught up with her—making her pay for her former transgressions? The final countdown begins and now Gretchen has to race against time to find out what went wrong in her marriage and find a way out of this nightmare.

So the game of life or death begins. Secrets are unveiled. Emotions are unleashed. Actions are taken.

Will there be a winner in this dangerous game when no one can escape the twist of fate?
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Published January 13th 2016
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gave it

Picking up after her family, doing things with the kids, taking care of her handsome husband.

A guy with an accent calls and tells her that her stepfather has hired him to kill her.

Ellie starts digging into her daughte 's activities after that and finds out that he has a been leading a whole different life than the one she thought he was.

She gets a bunch of episodes of CSI ... she knows they will help her to kill her husband.

Guys who do n't smell like a gym bag after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day.

But we do n't give up on our family and run off with these hot guys.

I need political correctness training.) I 'm picking for this one my friend Michelle Only Wants to Read 's review.

gave it

B. Whelan has other books written, I had n't seen them due to her writing a different genre, this I understand is her first Thriller/Crime.I definitely hope it wo n't be her last! In my humble opinion, I have read lo of Thrillers from each type from psychological to mystery, from the daft to the sublime, and this one is written in a strange way that keeps the pace up and keeps you alert at all times.I am going to say: This really needs picking up by some film company I would love to see this played out visually.This author has really captured and netted my interest from page one.

* My thanks to inMotion Capitol via Net Galley and the author for my copy to read, enjoy and review*

gave it

What a " pretty " ride! The countdown begins with the las chapter when Sarah receives a threatening and enlightening call about her cheating scumbag of a daughter who wants her dead and must now find a pat to pay$ 100k to a hit-man or die!

gave it

She has 2 weeks to come up with the money ... A lot can happen in two eeks, which is intricately played out in the remaining chapters.

I highly recommend this fast, enjoyabl read to all fantas lovers who want a ook that steps outside the lines.

gave it

As the days tick away, Sarah discovers many things about Mike, and decides to make him pay before those 14 days are up.

gave it

( I know, I know but somehow you ’ ll have to go on without the real high caliber quality you ’ re used to seeing in my review space.) Sorry, so 14 Days to Die was quite the unexpected little thriller.

Diane has two choices – let things play out as is and wind up dead at the han of a hired killer or come up with double the amount of money and flip the script on her darling hubs instead.

I ’ m pretty hard to please when it comes to psych thrillers ( probably because I read so many of them), so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this one.

The storylines were well-developed and even though I wanted to kick Sarah ’ s ass sometimes she seemed fairly realistic.

At barely over 250 pages there was little time for lulls in the story.ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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