14th Deadly Sin

Detective Lindsay Boxer and her three best friends are back and recovering from the vents that pushed them all to the edge.

After her near-death experience, Yuki is seeing her life from a new contex and is considering a change in her law career. San Francisco Chronicle reporter Cindy has healed from her gunshot wound and has published a ook on the infamous serial killers she helped to bring down. Lindsay is just happy that the gang are all still in one piece.

But a new terror is sweeping the streets of San Francisco. A gang dressed as cops are ransacking the city, and leaving a string of dead bodies in their wake. Lindsay is on the case to track them down and needs to discover whether these killers could actually be police officers. Maybe even cops she already knows ...

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Published February 26th 2015 by Century
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14th Deadly Sin
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gave it

Boxer confides in a close contact to help, when it is brought to her attention that there are a string of unsolved murders on the same date, every mont.

The Windbreaker investigation becomes more complex as a drug den is struck and millions in money and narcotics are taken.

That said, if Patterson and his flock of co-authors could work on a CROSS-BENNETT-BOXER trifecta, we 'd be in business and bring some of his best characters together.Kudos, Mr. Patterson and Madam Paetro for a great novella that keeps the reader hooked until the final sentence, which is an invitation to more questions.Like/hate the review?

gave it

This installment centers on a ring of corrupt cops and a serial killer.

gave it

Maya Perez, pregnant and having just lost her ather to cancer, is going to fight to save her tore.

" This is as goo as it gets. " Conklin and I had to piece all this into a narrative that made sense.

Conklin said " What do you think happened here Charlie? " My opinion?

Meanwhile, Rya is working on his own on a series of stabbing deaths of woman who have been killed on Clair 's birthday every year for the past four years.

The Defence League allows Yuki to defend people who do n't have money to get proper representation.In her very first case she is fighting against the SFPD and the ity of San Francisco.

What I 'm leaving out of my review is all the ba, bad, beautiful, and ugliness that happens in the personal lives of the four inseparable friends and those around them.

gave it

Not what I 'm used to from Mr. Patterson.Yuki 's new job and the case she took felt wrong on so many levels.

It would be very ifficult to prove that she did not lose on purpose to save her daughte 's job.And it was completely nbelievable and stupid for Lindsay to fail to phone and warn Joe when she received a call threatening the family.

Like the last trilogy, it felt squeezed together.

gave it

It 's as if Patterson/Paetro had some ideas for this ook and could n't decide on one so they wrote them all.

When you 've written a mediocre book, in which the reader can basically figure out who all the ad thing are midway through, the ending should be something BIG, a total game changer.

Instead you get a BIG FAT UNFINISHED mediocre story.

gave it

Would it be too much to ask for just one case that gets solved and does n't involve all of these women having huge life changing events happen to them? I 'm talking about having a baby in a blackout storm, a ewborn 's medical crisis; Yuki 's marriage and honeymoon with pirates, a serial killer looking for revenge against Lindsay, Cindy 's engaged-unengaged-engaged drama with Rich, Cindy getting shot, Rich getting shot, Joe losing his job, Yuki quitting her job, Cindy going on a book tour ... When you read these so close together it gets ridiculous.

gave it

If you like this series, you will love 14th Deadly Sin!

gave it

Lesley had no idea; she and Conklin had to watch out for each other – there was no one else…14th Deadly Sin is another great episode in the Murder Club by James atterson.

I love the fast pace, the ension, the gripping plot – all an excellent combination that this author does so well.

gave it

14th Deadly SinI give this book 3 and a half stars and the only reason I added the extra half is because I have always liked this series.

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