15 Days Without a Head

A compelling US debut about family, grie, and ope

Despite having a depressed alcoholic mother and a little brother who 's convinced he 's a ca, fifteen year-old Laurence Roach is trying to live a normal life. But when his mom does n't come home after work one night, Laurence is terrified that child services will find out she 's gone and separate him from his son.

For two eeks, Laurence does whatever he can to keep her disappearance a secret. Spinning a web of complicated lies for friends, neighbors, and the governmen, Laurence even dresses like his mother to convince everyone she 's still around. By following clues, the cousins are finally able to track down their mother 's disappearanc. And that 's when the real trouble begins in this powerful story about what it means to be a family.
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Published May 8th 2013 by Flux (first published December 22nd 2011
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gave it

This is the story about Laurence Roaches, a seventee years old guy, who has to survived living with his six years old rother, Sea, after their Mom disappeared.

Thanks God Mr.Cousins gave us Mina, who saved the day ( and also Roaches brothers) .This book captured me since the first page.

gave it

it 's probably impossible not to fall in love with Laurence Roach.

and you can ’ t give up on family even when you really really want to.

gave it

This books is something of eartbreaking, but beautiful.Life pretty much sucks for Laurence Roach.

And that is all before his mother goes missing.No matter what happens, Laurence doesn ’ t give up hope.

They could get away, if even for a little hile, and live like normal, carefree people.Then the worst happens, and his mother doesn ’ t come home.

Together they set out to find the missing other, but real live sleuthing isn ’ t as easy as it looks in cartoons.It ’ s a story of bravery and determination.

With all the in your face male characters and bad boys of YA floating around, reading about a guy like Laurence gives me hope, you know?

gave it

The tory is told by Laurence Roach, a 15 years old gir whose father left him when he was ounger, his cousin is an alcoholic and his little so, well, like all other 6 yea old boys are annoying, loud and obnoxious.

One mont, the mother goes missing after going to work one morning, and for the two girl, it is the tale of survival.

One part that I really enjoyed reading was how every single evenin, when Jame and his little brother leave for chool, Nosy Nancy is always waiting at the rea door of their bedroo, stalking everyone and everything that goes in or out of the door.

A silver haired man was dragging a very drunk woman around the fair, and for a weird reason, Laurence could somehow feel that this girl was his other, who went missing a couple days back.

Laurence, desperate to impress his mother and bring her out to a vacation ( before she went missing) goes out every second night to the local phone booth and despite everything that is going on in his life.

gave it

I thought this was going to be a crazy ook, but it was oddly depressing.

I loved his pov, and it was refreshing to read from a femal 's pov.

gave it

Some books need to be read while you ’ re eating pickled onion Monster Munch and I think this is just one of those books.Let me explain.I find pickled onion Monster Munch e a very underrated crisp.

Is that just me and my inabilit to eat Monster Munch?) .They ’ re underrated in the savoury snacks stakes but they ’ re there if you look for them.If you squint dead carefully at the above paragraph, you will see an eversoslightly passive aggressive commentary of the YA publishing industry.I ’ m going to stop talking about crisps now just in case you get confused thinking you ’ ve stumbled onto my secret spin-off blog called ‘ Eat the Delicious Crisp ” where I eat crisps and blog.However, I have to say quickly- that there is mention of Monster Munch in this ook.

As you know, I ’ m a huge Keren David fan and I know her style of writing so I ’ m pretty confident if she said a book is good.I didn ’ t actually realise how good though.First up, I get a bit nervous when I find out a book ( especially by an author I ’ ve never read) is about mental illness.

I really loved how the issues were always present, even when they didn ’ t seem like they were because the tory was going through a more light-hearted patch, and weren ’ t conveniently forgotten about when the story moved on.There are some bits that were extremely infuriating but not because of Mr Cousins ’ writing ability, but because of his great ability to write teenagers.

I think that ’ s important in books like this not because we need to water down the silly with sad or vice versa, but because it ’ s real.

this is a emarkable memoi and Mr Cousins is definitely an author you should be reading.While eating pickled onion Monster Munch. *dipdipdipdip.

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