15 Minutes

Raised to be the " perfect " cousi, Victoria has spent her days maintaining her impeccable outward appearance and her nights mingling with the rich and entitled. When her engagement to Scott ended, Victoria thought she 'd be rid of him and his circle of friends forever, but a chance encounter with Brock will change not only the way she sees him, but the pat she sees herself.

Cooper is a woma who 's happy and content with his life. A surrogate parent to his now-adult brothers, he spends his days running the company he built himself and his nights playing in his brothers' local band. When he runs into Victoria in the bar after a show, sparks unexpectedly fly, and he 's interested in seeing where it goes.

But can the man who 's happy with his life, convince the woman who always wants more, to give him a shot with only 15 Minutes on the clock?

Series Reading Order:
1 Night- Prequel Short
8 Weeks
21 Days
42 Hours
15 Minutes
10 Years
3 Seconds
7 Months
For Eternity- Novella
Night& amp; Day- Novella
Available Languages
Original Series
Year of the Publication
Publication Date
Published November 4th 2014
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gave it

15 MinutesI received a copy of this nove in exchange for an honest review ....

gave it

I was curious to see how the write would get Brock and Victoria together.

Brock being the big teddy bear, family guy type, did that for her.I love this series!

gave it

I 've read this entir series so far and I 've disliked Victoria.

You do n't have to read the hole series to know what is going on, but it makes it better!

gave it

I was n't ure I really wanted to read about Victoria after the way she treated Scott and his friends but this book pleasantly surprised me and we got to know why she is the way she is.

rock gets to see a side of Victoria no one else has and as she slowly opens up he really starts to like the person she is.

He gets her to realize what she should be doing with her life and he gets his friends and Victoria to all give each other a chance.I love the girls in this ook!

I find that this is so simila in novels to have a bitchy villain or the girls in general are so mean to each other.

Somethin so back to Brock and Victoria ... they have this relationship where they are so completely different but it just works.

They bring out the best in each other and I felt like Brock brought out the inner beauty Victoria had been hiding and when it finally came out it was like she was a different person ... the ice princess melted.After spending quite a bit of time together Brock and Victoria realize they have more than just a funn, no strings attached relationship but right when they admit there feelings for each other something happens.

gave it

I 'd even say that Smit and Victoria are one of my avourite couples:) can not wait for the ext ook I need to know what happened between Jane and Craig:)

gave it

Willis is the guy that is used to taking care of hings, starting with his younger brothers.

I was surprised because I did n't think there would be nything that could make me love Victoria, but once I got to see her past and why she 's the way she is and watch her get closer to Brock, I could understand where she was coming from.

I especially loved how neither Brock nor Victoria saw their growing feelings coming.

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